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Machine Learning to become the best buddy of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams

In the age of the consumer, are there actually new ways to optimize the customer experience design processes and approaches to provide delightful customer service and remain efficient from a business perspective? 

Extracting the value out of large amounts of customer insights remains the greatest challenge. Whereas the number of customer requests is increasing – sales, marketing and customer service teams are simply not keeping up. Which results in businesses failing to abide by the terms of SLAs, missing the opportunity to increase conversion rates and losing clients. This is where Machine Learning comes into play.



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WaveAccess has been recognized in the Microsoft Partner Awards 2019 for Media & Communications

For the third year in a row, WaveAccess becomes a winner in the annual Microsoft Partner Awards. This time the jury members awarded the company in the Media & Communications, and rated myQuiz — a platform for real-time online quizzes. The web service offers a new model of content consumption, opening a new communication channel for brands. This year, nominees of the Microsoft Partner Awards were chosen among more than 2900 submissions sent from 115 countries.


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No two customers are alike, which is why we focus on unique solutions

The Life Science industry requires qualified and competent software assistance as delivered by WaveAccess. But how specifically can Life Science companies benefit from a digital transformation? What challenges might they encounter and how can we deal with them? What technologies are said to be truly game-changing for the industry? Søren Sorgenfri, the Danish journalist, spoke to Stefan Pedersen, Managing Director at WaveAccess Nordics to uncover the answers to these and other questions. Here is the interview published in the Life Science special edition of Berlingske, a Danish daily newspaper.


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Four steps to bring success to your Machine Learning project

When considering Machine Learning (ML) as a part of your company’s IT toolbox, there are certain things that are pivotal to address. In the following article we will touch upon how your approach to ML projects may impact the outcome. Thorough planning, expectation management and honesty are key elements.

WaveAccess_Machine_Learning_project_management (1)

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WaveAccess helps Danish agriculture prepare for the future

The Danish company SKOV A/S, the world’s leading supplier of climate and farm management solutions for livestock production, has partnered with WaveAccess to develop Episcope – the analytical tool that will revolutionize the agricultural market in Denmark and the rest of the world.


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From a swarm of devices to a cloud: a hands-on experience with automated testing in a Visual Studio App Center

The modern day smartphone is allegedly more powerful than the Apollo guidance computer that landed a man on the moon, and we have all that processing power in our pockets. News, weather, online shopping, social media, cat videos — thousands of apps let us enjoy these conveniences of today. But if our favorite app starts glitching or slowing down, it quickly loses its crown.


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The first free online communicator for people with speech disabilities hits the Russian market

WaveAccess has developed, a free application for augmentative and alternative communication. People with speech disabilities can use the app to facilitate talking to each other and with the people around them. This is the first online communicator for Russian users to offer this advanced functionality for free, available for desktops and tablet PCs. The project was delivered for the Orange Penguin Foundation, an American charity organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for Russian people with disabilities through modern technologies.


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