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Code refactoring and extensive testing of CBN TV’s CRM system

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), an American television network and production company, implemented an integrated CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. WaveAccess migrated data from the old version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and redesigned the business process automation since it had stopped coping with the channel’s business tasks. All of the connected portals and web pages were embedded into the updated system. Code refactoring and extensive testing ensured the correct operation of the system.

WaveAccess_CRM for CBN

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The time is now: startups to partner with tech companies

Time is an extremely valuable resource, especially for startups. Wise time management is a crucial condition of success. But it most often requires delegating, and sharing your vision and insights with others. Partnering without giving up control is the reason why tech outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular among startups. Let’s talk this through: why do startups engage external vendors, where and how to find a true ally, and when to commence cooperation.

Startups to partner with tech companies_WaveAccess

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WaveAccess featured on the Top 10 AI Solution Providers list

CIOApplications Europe has compiled a list of Top 10 AI Solution Providers of 2019 to guide businesses in harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to boost productivity and increase efficiencies. WaveAccess is excited and honored to be featured among the companies that are at the forefront of revolutionizing the AI ecosystem through their solutions.

Top 10 AI Solution Providers_WaveAccess

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Prototyping with Figma: a free webinar for Nordic tech startups

Join our free webinar intended for Danish tech startups and entrepreneurs! 

In the visual training session scheduled for November 14 2019, WaveAccess experts will:

  • reveal the added value of prototyping;
  • show how building a prototype can provide a greater understanding of your product;
  • guide you through the whole cycle of getting a working model built with Figma – a credible UI design tool that provides a collaborative workflow.

Exemplified by B2B and B2C applications of the e-commerce platform, we will share the tips and tricks on how to use Figma to turn your idea into a working model.


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Speeding up the development by splitting the project between teams

The case behind this article aimed  to complete a large-scale project in a short amount of time. Obviously, you just need to hire a lot of people, and then you have to make sure they don’t hinder each other. The latter is the most complicated: there is no way to make it happen without a good technical approach — and that’s what exactly we are going to talk about.

Speeding Up The Development 1

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Data integration and migration platform: tasks and opportunities

The integration of information systems is an urgent task for companies regardless of their industry, size or scale of operations. Flexible data synchronization between different sources of information allows to optimize workflows, increase transparency, enhance the efficiency of working with a growing customer base, seamlessly connect new systems, ensure reliability and speed when multiple systems work together, and deal with a number of other challenges.


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WaveAccess opens a new office in Germany

WaveAccess, an international developer of complex software solutions, is expanding its presence in Western Europe. The office in Karlsruhe was opened together with the German partner company RD-Software. WaveAccess Germany offers 350+ IT experts, a portfolio of 300+ projects implemented for 16+ industries, and a hybrid team approach that has already proved to be effective. WaveAccess and RD-Software have been implementing joint projects for German companies since 2001, which helped gain a deep understanding of the local market. Denis Assanbaev, RD-Software founder, was appointed as the head of the office.


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