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We deliver advanced and innovative IoT applications combining our expertise in IoT Cloud platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain technologies.

Your one-stop shop for IoT solutions

We leverage the most efficient communication technologies and platforms and work with “things” such as controllers, sensors, actuators.
We deliver advanced and innovative IoT applications combining our expertise in IoT, DevOps, AI & ML, Blockchain technologies. We provide services from startups to Enterprise level companies helping in building strategy, design, engineering solutions, Proof-of-Concepts.

WaveAccess resources:
  • Can support 30 concurrent projects with teams 4-15 resources each
  • Over 25 years of professional experience – management team
  • Master degrees in Computer Science and Informatics – dev team

IoT Universe and Related Blocks

Gateways, controllers, protocols

Gateways, controllers, protocols

Connectivity between ‘things’ and cloud platforms for secure and guaranteed data delivery & edge computing.
Things (Devices)

Things (Devices)

People, industrial equipment, sensors and actuators, all types of vehicles and/or mobile devices.
Cloud platforms

Cloud platforms

Integration with private and public platforms, utilizing Blockchain (if applicable).
User Interface

User Interface

Dashboards and interfaces, including AR/VR-based ones, which deliver actionable data in real time.
Analytics (AI, ML)

Analytics (AI, ML)

Advanced data processing. We offer Big Data, Streaming Analytics, Machine Learning based solutions.

Our IoT Project Development Workflow

Device requirements gathering
Device design
Integrate with network and gateways
Web and/or Mobile UI and development
Development Big Data analytics utilizing AI and ML
Integration with cloud platforms
device design
integrate with network
cloud integration

We can join the development at any stage!

What we offer

We design new IoT solutions to enable industries to be called SMART: retail, healthcare, telecom, industrial automation, insurance, oil & gas, logistics, automotive, etc.

We provide solutions, gathering data from devices, equipment and systems implementing advanced data processing for predictive maintenance. Our dev expertise covers:

  • Antifraud & anti-theft solutions
  • Access control systems
  • Modules to detect abnormal energy consumption
  • AR-apps to reduce maintenance costs
  • Solutions to predict movements and reduce collision risks
  • Staff location tracking systems to avoid emergencies and more

We work with Big Data & implement Streaming Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain platforms, AR, CRM & BPA systems to increase the outcome of IoT projects.

Our IoT team and skills:

  • IoT Solutions Architects
  • DevOps Specialists
  • Data Scientists
  • Full Stack Blockchain Developers
  • Machine Learning Technical Leads
  • Hardware Engineer & Design Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Hardware QA Specialists & Design Specialists

Our IoT Projects

isp — an e-commerce IoT platformAbout

Jisp — an e-commerce IoT platform

Microsoft Award Winning trendy IoT & machine learning app for e-commerce. Jisp is a content discovery engine that allows users to find products from the favorite stores. It collects and saves search histories, captures a customer’s behavior within shopping centers, monitors user’s activity, and more.
Machine learning based vehicle monitoringAbout

Machine learning based vehicle monitoring

Empowered by machine learning technologies, vehicle data is used for reduction of collisions. This subsystem detects anomalies in vehicles’ routes and alerts the dispatcher in time, winning time to make a decision to correct its track.
Smart parking & accessAbout

Smart parking & access

Innovative and convenient parking and access management system with possibility to open any gate/door/barrier with smartphone for a startup company.

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