Software development for startups

Software development for startups
We can become a technology lab for all your R&D and software development needs

We support your journey
from the business idea
to positive ROI

After 19 years we have matured into an organization that brings broad technical knowledge, experience, and business understanding to the table. This all contributes to a startup’s success.

View us as a technology lab for all your R&D and software development needs.

We handle:

  • Solutions’ architecture
  • Back-end / Front-end / Mobile development
  • Cloud infrastructure utilizing DevOps methodology
  • QA and support

Watch our webinar
intended for tech startups and entrepreneurs!

Exemplified by B2B and B2C applications of an
e-commerce platform, we will share tips and tricks on
how to use Figma – a credible UI design tool that
provides a collaborative workflow.

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In this visual training session, WaveAccess experts will:
  • Reveal the value of prototyping
  • Show how building a prototype can provide a greater
    understanding of your product
  • Guide you through the whole cycle of getting a working
    model built

How we can help

Architecture & Project Management

Architecture & Project Management

Scalable solutions, reusable code plus advanced management practices. Design, Agile, Scrum, Jira.
Cloud Infrastructure services & DevOps

Cloud Infrastructure services & DevOps

Solutions for Azure, AWS, GCP using Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, Rancher, Ansible, Octopus, Jenkins, Gitlab, TeamCity.
Blockchain & IoT

Blockchain & IoT

Improved privacy, security and access management. Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Corda, Azure IoT HUB, ThingWorx.
Big Data & Analytics

Big Data & Analytics

We can help to gather data and considerably profit from data already collected. Apache NiFi, Spark, Ignite, Hadoop.
Mobile Development Services

Mobile Development Services

Сross-platform apps using PhoneGap, Xamarin or Cordova that work reliably on all devices. Integration with other systems, e.g.: CRM, e-store, website.
Custom Development & QA

Custom Development & QA

for award-winning results. Java, C#, JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, Python, Selenium.

Our Framework for Startups

Contribution to vision. Meeting with our business analysts, followed by a research
Marketing analysis of competitive solutions and their available functionality
Requirements Assessment (the expected data volumes, system load, and so on)
Minimum Viable Product. Requirements analysis and planning MVP delivery
PoC Proposal. We help to develop a PoC in accordance with agreed architecture
Architecture Suggestion. We offer at least several available technology options
Solution Development. Project Management and Development processes
QA Process. Automated tests and continuous integration are supported by default
Deployment. We deploy the software to the hosting selected by our customer
Solution Documentation. Several guides, manuals, and system documentation
Solution support. First and second lines of support, or a customized service

How we communicate

When it comes to outsourced projects, communication becomes a key element. The utilization of project management and Agile/Scrum methodologies is a critical link for the project’s success.

To guarantee project success we implement a hybrid team approach. In this approach we allocate on-site and offshore resources. Our on-site account/delivery manager becomes your main point of contact and acts as a coordinator between the project stakeholders and development team(s). This individual will act as a bridge, making sure nothing is left unhandled. We embrace the Agile methodology and facilitate daily sprint and status meetings.

Our approach:

  • Allocate an internal PM and Systems Architect
  • Present our team to the end-client
  • Utilize an on-site account/delivery manager to act as a coordinator between the end-client and development team(s)
  • Utilize: Jira, video conferencing, daily sprint meetings, etc.

Success stories

Award-winning shopping appAbout

Award-winning shopping app

WA Team managed to combine machine learning, with online shopping and iBeacons to create a complex shopping experience both online and offline. I also had to get the pilot project done very fast in order to show it for fundraising activities. And voila - I got it after a month!

Julian Fisher, jisp CTO
CD/CI for the web-appAbout

CD/CI for the web-app

Previously, we were sending a developer to our end users each time the app was deployed or needed an update. Introduction of DevOps methodology significantly reduced our expenses for assembling and updating the main application.

NDA project
Marketing-mix platform for global brandsAbout

Marketing-mix platform for global brands

What we needed was to create a platform that will compete with the common digital marketing tools like YouTube and Google Ads. I had a challenging goal to engage big companies with less CPC and social media features. WA developed a solution that engaged such big companies as Nestle, PepsiCo, Estonian Air, and other big ones. Great team, great results!

Michael Mantzke, Manumatix CTO
Web platform for real-time prize drawsAbout

Web platform for real-time prize draws

To develop myQuiz, at first, we utilized our own company’s specialists in a situation when they could be withdrawn for a commercial project at any time. This experience has shown us the paramount importance of delivering a ‘minimum lovable product’ quickly and opting for scalable technologies with growth in mind.

Ilya Feigin, WaveAccess CTO
Machine learning based fraud monitoringAbout

Machine learning based fraud monitoring

WaveAccess accomplished the project on schedule, and with exceptional quality, despite changing our requirements several times after the project had started. We appreciate their ability to deliver a high-performance product, and to exceed our every expectation.

NDA project

Select Clients

Unlike the other teams WaveAccess just got the job done! No problems or hassles. They could been working in the office next to me and things would not have been smoother.

WaveAccess Highlights

500Team members
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Frontends
  • DevOps
  • PMs
  • QA
  • Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Database
  • Cloud
  • QA

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