Application Development

Application Development
Find your strategic advantage with enterprise level application development.

is not just a word

Generic, off-the-shelf software sometimes isn't enough. Your business has its own unique requirements and goals, and the WaveAccess team is here to help you achieve them.

For instance, one of our clients’ missions was to expand their business by involving big brands. They offer marketing and promotional online tools and needed to overcome the competition of traditional digital channels. To offer something unique and quite cost effective, they needed a team to cope with the unusual task.

How did we develop a new competitive marketing platform that helped our client engage with PepsiCo, Nestle and other great customers? We’ll share the story!

When do you need a custom solution?

  • When boxed solutions are not enough: they have a lack of functionality, outdated technology or they just don’t work as expected,
  • When there’s no ready-made solution; your idea is new and unique,
  • When several systems that you use are so hard to integrate, that only a new solution will improve your workflow,
  • When you want to manage the development process step by step, adding your changes on the go,
  • When your workflow is sensitive to changes and there’s a need for a smooth iterative integration to keep the work going.

What do you get with WaveAccess?

Real time communication

Skype calls and virtual screen sharing – we talk with our customers every day. Each week, project teams meet up for a weekly demo, sprint planning, and Q&A sessions.

Focus on long-term values

80% of our customers are our second-time buyers. Most of our clients recommend our services to their partners and colleagues.

Project manager 24/7

You get your own project manager, on call 24/7. We also offer an onsite PM. Teams use customers’ JIRA as a release management tool.

Strong team motivation

Why? Good salaries, social guarantees, and a healthy working environment! We often send our employees for trainings and enjoy their progress.

No hidden costs

You get transparent project management, along with a detailed risk map. You also get an explained list of project expenditures.

Money back guarantee

You are safe now! We cover every engagement with a full 1-month money back guarantee.

From concept to completion, we create unique and easily integrated applications, built to handle business-critical tasks. Click the link below to see how we built an innovative website for a large airline ticket reseller, including a call center and sales support system.

Download the case


Innovative marketplace development (.NET project)

In over 14 years of business, we have accomplished many projects implemented via many different technologies, for a variety of different businesses. Bubbles is the one of our .NET projects that demonstrates our skills in delivering a cool user interface as well as unique custom features. Click below to see how we have built the fastest growing online shop & marketplace in the UK.

Download the case

PM Solution

for Electronic Brake Systems Development (Java project)

The Electronic Brake Systems Development Process Management system has been developed for one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic and hydraulic brake systems. The system helps engineers to organize work with a considerable number of objects such as vehicles, axles, brakes components, test specifications, and test the results.

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