Machine Learning

Machine learning
We develop and integrate machine learning modules into information systems to provide practical solutions to common business tasks.

Сommon tasks solved by
machine learning algorithms


Ranking and distributing client requests

Evaluation of client requests on ecommerce platforms, and their distribution by marginality and probability of transaction. Quality requests (“hot leads”) are sent to the sales department to be processed first. According to our data, in some retail projects conversion rates double if a prospect is followed up within 15 minutes of the request.

Prediction of expensive incidents

A data-based graph of anticipated expensive incidents is created (for example, a client defaulting on a loan, the occurrence of an insured event, or other events that affect your business). Managers get alerted about the increased risk of an expensive incident in advance, allowing them to make data-driven decisions, while vulnerability to undesirable events decreases.

Anomaly detection and prediction

Anomalies can be detected in any data. For example, integration with a medical video scanner makes it possible to rapidly find several informative frames and reduce the probability of medical error, as well as speeding up the work. In logistics and shipping, anomaly prediction prevents collisions and flooding of ships, and increases the safety of transportation.

Recommendation systems

Users get recommendations for purchases based on decisions made by them and by similar groups of customers. Everyone gets access to the most suitable products, regardless of whether a visitor is known or anonymous, and the store provides highly personalised recommendations. The average amount spent increases, and the number of repeat purchases grows.

Partnership models


Implementation of a custom information system based on machine learning.


Addition of a machine learning module to an existing information system.


Machine learning algorithm development as part of a globally distributed team.

We can develop small
pilot projects

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What do you get with WaveAccess?

Real time communication

Skype calls and virtual screen sharing: we talk with our customers every day. Each week, project teams meet up for a weekly demo, sprint planning, and Q&A sessions.

Focus on long-term values

80% of our customers are return buyers. Most of our clients recommend our services to their partners and colleagues.

Project manager 24/7

You get your own project manager, on call 24/7. We also offer an onsite PM. Teams use customers’ Jira as a release management tool.

Strong team motivation

Why? Good salaries, employee benefits, and a healthy working environment! We often send our staff for training and take pleasure in their progress.

No hidden costs

You get transparent project management, along with a detailed risk map. You also get a list explaining project expenditure.

Money-back guarantee

We cover every job with a full 1-month money-back guarantee.

We have been working with WaveAccess for over 2 years on projects relating to software development and the search for scientific applications. We are very impressed with how quickly the professionals at WaveAccess understand the use cases needed by scientists and realise them in the software. The WaveAccess team responded quickly to any hiccups and took care of them immediately. The staff are very professional and reliable in terms of communication. I would recommend WaveAccess for any of your software development needs.
 waveaccess client thomson reuters
I have worked with Wave Access for over 10 years now via several companies and they have always delivered what I want on time and on budget. We have worked together on web projects, integration, data loading, building de novo platforms, supporting and further developing legacy code, documentation, and mobile apps. Now my company supports the life science community by curating data and providing knowledge mining services. The WaveAccess team embraces our goals, and I am happy with their work products.

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