WaveAccess Hybrid Team Approach

WaveAccess offers our customers a flexible engagement model and can provide the optimal combination of both onshore & offshore development resources based on our clients needs.

Technology Fit

Experience is one of our core competencies. Every project is different and requires a unique combination of expertise and practical experience. Whatever your needs may be, WaveAccess’ diverse team of over 300 full stack developers, designers and testers can help you turn your software vision into a reality. We bring the experience, expertise and technology to all of our engagements, so all you need to bring is your project.

Communication Fit

We understand that not all companies have the necessary project requirements documented in a way that clearly articulates their vision. Many times we are speaking with a business manager that can define the problem they are trying to solve, but does not have the technical ability or time to document all of the details. Not a problem for WaveAccess.

Key members from WaveAccess’ project management & business analyst teams are brought on site to fully understand the fundamentals of the project and develop rapport between the our development team and your staff. During this discovery phase we work collaboratively exploring product details, extracting project requirements, and developing a clear and actionable plan which will be the foundation for future development.

Once the project is kicked off, your dedicated project manager will be your main point of contact and will keep you informed of the project status 24/7. Depending on our client’s unique requirements, WaveAccess can either provide onsite or offshore project managers. Regardless of the logistics, our project managers participate in all project related meetings where they provide accurate real time information about the project including requirements, implementation details, and readiness status. The on-site team is not just limited to project managers or architects. Developers, QA, and DevOps engineers can also be assigned to work on site at our client’s facilities on permanent basis as well.

The outcome – all cross country – cross continent communication burden is taken care by WaveAccess.

Cost Fit

WaveAccess is a global software development company with offices strategically located throughout the world. Combining highly qualified developers in Eastern Europe with seasoned architects and project managers from the United States and Western Europe empowers us to deliver the highest quality of service at a reasonable price point.

Are you ready to see what our hybrid team can create for your business?
Contact us at +1 818 731 1279 or send an email to hello@wave-access.com
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