iPhone & iPad Application Development

Best mobile developers for extremely successful iOS applications

Having an app for mobile devices is a great way to promote your business and products. A well-designed iOS app will help your company’s development by opening a new method of brand and product promotion. Also, mobile applications open up a brand-new, rapidly growing channel of communication between your company and your customers.

If you want your iOS app to:

Create an opportunity to manage your business by mobile device;

Expand your customer base;

Inform your customers about your business's new products, services and specials;

Integrate your new products or services;

Increase your customer's loyalty;

Sell your products and services through your mobile app or through the sale of the application in an AppStore.

WaveAccess delivers efficient solutions:

A team of professional mobile application developers;

Engineering and iOS mobile development;

Development of a unique design and a convenient interface;

Test the application after its development;

Integration with your company's IT-infrastructure;

Continuing support by best iPhone application developers.

The Stages of mobile app development are the following:

  • pre-training;
  • development of detailed tech specifications;
  • creating and refining of a prototype (beta version) apps;
  • implementation;
  • testing;
  • coordination release version with the client;
  • publication in AppStore and support.
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