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Learn how Machine Learning can boost your business’s growth

IT Consulting reveals the specific profits of implementing and integrating machine learning into your workflow


Reveal the possible role of AI in your business

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only a technology: it is the transformation of business. Our consulting session helps set up an achievable goal of AI implementation in your processes and its place in your workflow.

Set milestones for growth throughout the implementation process

88% of companies who claimed a positive impact of AI on their businesses, had incorporated AI in their developmental strategies. Our consulting will find your processes that will benefit the most from the inclusion of AI.

Reveal a new competitive edge

The most innovative companies on earth - companies disrupting entire industries - rely on AI and Machine learning to drive their workflow and user experiences*. AI consulting with us helps you to get these new advantages.
* Danny Lange, Head of Machine Learning, Uber

Our expert consulting session helps to quantify the specific profit you gain after implementation of AI,

shows which directions of the implementation are the most effective based on your data. In addition, we will point out the data that needs to be collected for achieving your goals and ideas.

Your processes that we research in a consulting session

Analysis of your businesses’ structure
Detect processes that require optimization
Determine the value and priority of these processes
Categorize which data is needed for optimization
Find out the exact costs for resources within the selected processes
Analyze the previous experience of their optimization journey (if any)
Set up KPIs to measure the efficiency of potential solutions
Make an expert conclusion and bring it to you for discussion

Consulting will detect the most optimal placement for an AI-based module
in your company’s infrastructure, for example:

What’s next?


Project management training and consulting for AI development

Learn everything about AI opportunities in practice, and see how to manage AI and ML development projects, while avoiding the typical mistakes.

Proof of Concept (PoC) development

Make sure that the data that your business has collected is suitable for training the model, and to gain the first results.

Project development

Scale the PoC up to the whole business, and overturn your whole industry in the next few years!

IT consulting brings
you strategic insights,
while the PoC gives you the confidence

Consulting shows what processes to optimize to get the most profits, however, this theory needs to be tested. PoC is created to help estimate beforehand, how much value can be gained from the collected data. If this pilot project is efficient, its experience can be scaled up to the whole company or simply some of the departments. We offer you to discuss your pilot project of AI implementation in a consulting session with WaveAccess’s experts. This approach makes development of AI a deliberate investment with a predictable return.

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Your PoC as a base for a future AI project:
  • Shows the potential of the technology applied
    to your business and for specific tasks
  • Qualifies the relevance of the available
    data for solving the tasks
  • Demonstrates the result of the technology in
  • Shows how to integrate the solution into your
  • Proves the competence of the development team



Neural network reads medical scans without human input

A complex solution automates cholesterol plaque detection in artery scan videos, helps calculate the intima-media thickness, and makes analysts work faster - all using the computer vision. The artery wall thickness is calculated with 95% accuracy, potential plaque detection is 80% correct. As a result of the project, the solution price became more competitive due to savings on expensive human resources.

17% sales growth for flight booking platform

Our customer's conversion rate had become stagnant for a long time, despite their travel experts’ efforts, premium quality, competitive prices, and customer care. Trainings, UX improvements, and marketing efforts hadn’t brought them the desired result, and the company decided to find a brand new method. To achieve the goal, we developed an ML-based module to detect leads with the highest marginality.

20% profit growth for a repair company

A service company gets 3000+ orders daily. Most orders are categorized as warranty cases. But in fact, up to 20% of these cases are the non-warranty ones, and may bring profits if categorized correctly. We developed a machine learning module that analyzes the text of a request, and detects either it is a paid repair, or a warranty repair, minimizing human errors.

Dynamic Insights: AI-powered Microsoft CRM

WaveAccess has developed an analytical tool on the base of Artificial Intelligence technology that processes data from the Internet for specific client-related keywords and displays the results in the Microsoft Dynamic CRM interface.

What do you get with WaveAccess?

Real time communication

Real time communication

Skype calls and virtual screen sharing: we talk with our customers every day. Each week, project teams meet up for a weekly demo, sprint planning, and Q&A sessions.

Focus on long-term values

Focus on long-term values

80% of our customers are return buyers. Most of our clients recommend our services to their partners and colleagues.

Dedicated project manager

Dedicated project manager

A personal manager with fluent English will facilitate the communication between you and the development team. Teams use use customers' release management tools (Jira etc.)

Strong team motivation

Strong team motivation

Why? Good salaries, employee benefits, and a healthy working environment! We often send our staff for training and take pleasure in their progress.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

You get transparent project management, along with a detailed risk map. You also get a list explaining project expenditure.

WaveAccess Highlights

850Team members
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Frontends
  • DevOps
  • PMs
  • QA
  • Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Database
  • Cloud
  • QA


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How we process your personal data

When you submit the completed form, your personal data will be processed by WaveAccess USA. Due to our international presence, your data may be transferred and processed outside the country where you reside or are located. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.
Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.