R Development & Optimization

Dedicated to meeting each client’s specific business requirements

When providing custom development services, our talented and dedicated experts will choose the best way to increase your project’s performance, whether it is R script development or optimization.

To get the most out of R language, which is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis, WaveAccess offers you:

  • R Development

    WaveAccess builds high performance teams to deliver high-quality services, so we can write an algorithm using different libraries of R language for your IT software development needs.

  • R Optimization

    We provide experienced developers to optimize and review an application's code. With our vast technological profile we can improve performance by changing separate parts of the code on the most rapid libraries.

  • Converting to Java

    For more intensive tasks there is a necessity to manipulate R objects directly. Our highly skilled engineers can convert R language into Java (or in any other language), and it will work as well as with R interface.

  • GPU acceleration via CUDA and OpenCL

    R provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques, so quick processing of bulk data is very important. Our computing experience allows us to enhance applications with GPU (Cuda, OpenCL) and increase an application’s performance for the efficiency of your business.

At WaveAccess we focus on continuous understanding and advancement of domain and IT expertise from projects we execute. As well as growing from a mix of IT talent, partnerships, unique knowledge and expertise in actual technologies, including Hi - Tech and Life Sciences development. We do our best to build solutions, meeting our client’s business requirements.

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