• Increase users adoption in MS CRM
  • Gamification points earned by teams
  • Gamification points earned by users
  • Gamification points earned by users
  • Gamification points earned by users
  • Gamification points earned by users

What you can do with Relationship Charts

  • Align your salespeople to their opportunities – and more, create a strategy for every opportunity using an activity scheduler, color coding and icons, displaying different roles and complexity of their relations and adding new entities when needed.
  • Build Hierarchy Chart with cross functional relationships to understand your customer
  • Use Who Knows Whom Chart to build client relations
  • Display Opportunity decision makers and competitors to miss nothing in your tactics
  • Show Organization Charts to your newcomers to ease their life
  • See Sales Leads Map every morning to be constantly in the know
  • Build Genealogy Tree

Key Features:

  • Embedded chart templates
  • Charts for any entities can be created
  • Cross browser support
  • Activities can be created from the chart
  • Drag and drop right on the map to build connections and relationships
  • Automatical build of Org Charts as well as Charts with Sub-accounts
  • Export chart to PDF or as a picture to email, post to web
  • Display related connections for any chart participant
  • Changes made on chart are updated into the CRM database
  • Lock charts to archive from further changes
  • Set Ghost participant – a placeholder for future investigation
  • Twitter integration

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