Cuda Software Development

Make the most out of CUDA application

Today's IT-companies need flexibility when working with bulk data. They want to be able to create innovative applications that leverage parallel computing and then deploy these applications on a wide range of target systems. Applications development with CUDA technology allows you to increase processing speed of large data volumes for more efficient operations.

If you have faced:

Necessity in GPU acceleration via CUDA;

Lack of own CUDA developers;

Large intensive calculations;

Slow processing of bulk data.

WaveAccess provides solutions for:

Applications development with CUDA technology for massively-parallel computing;

Refactoring and optimization of existing CUDA-enabled applications;

Optimization and development of computational algorithms.

Common tasks for CUDA application development service:

  • development of modules and extensions for existing applications,
  • optimization of advanced high-throughput computational solutions,
  • parallelization of serial code for use in distributed environment,
  • migration and maintenance of legacy codebase to CUDA,
  • support and maintenance of software solutions,
  • design and development of multi-threaded and high-throughput applications for CPU and GPGPU computing,
  • research and development of computational algorithms.
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