Manual Testing

Manual testing is the most common type of testing. Our specialists will manually execute test cases and will ensure that your application works correctly. To cover application functionality, Test Plan, Test Strategy and Test Cases will be created to test all feature of the application.

The types of quality assurance control are the following:

  • Full software coverage by functional testing

    Our specialists begin testing according to the scenarios described in test cases. After passing all the test cases we analyze the results. When software checkout is complete we provide client with quality infographics and other materials

  • Regression testing

    Re-testing after making changes in the test object.

  • Usability testing

    In this type of testing we evaluate if the application has an intuitive interface and if it is easy to use. Also we conduct testing under the GuideLine terms and determine application ergonomics. For usability testing we use a special tool that rates this type of testing.

  • Testing of applications for mobile devices

    In addition to functional testing our experts will check the application for compliance with all styles and AppStore requirements. AppStore has very high application requirements and as a rule clients do not pay attention to this and as a result, they get a lot of problems with the release of the product. Our experts are ready to help you on this issue. The company has more than 20 successful projects in the field of mobile development and testing.

  • Code reviewing by skilled developers to find hidden threats

    Finding hidden threats is an important part of testing. Sometimes critical errors appear in the application months after release and it leads to negative consequences and negative reputation of the client. Our staff is specially engaged in searching and catching hidden threats to make a version of the application much more stable.

    We offer to conduct a functional and regression testing on a modular (component) level. We divide the application into independent modules (components) that can be tested separately. This method gives additional benefits and in some cases reduces testing time. You get the result while the working process is in progress.

    Our specialists check connections between modules (components) of the application (integration testing) and how they interact with the various parts of the system.

    Technology evolves rapidly, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to monitor compatibility of the product with a different environment. We will help you determine your product compatibility with different systems, find incorrect use cases of system resources, find unintended user behavior scenarios and more.

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