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Life Sciences are the leaders in breaking boundaries and leading with discovery. How can they expect to do that when they use the same tools as their competitors? WaveAccess creates bespoke Life Sciences software to help the innovative continue to create innovation. Our custom-tailored software and applications are designed to increase your business’ competitive edge and accelerate the pace at which you make your discoveries.

Our Life Sciences products are designed to meet the needs of our customers in the science industry. Your bespoke software may include processes that allow you to use:

  • Industry-specific scientific terminology within the context of the software,
  • Optimize your research processes,
  • Investigate your hypotheses via analyzing data,
  • Quickly obtain, review, analyze, and publish results.

Choose WaveAccess as your Life Sciences software company. We have years of industry experience, working with businesses just like yours. Each of our products are unique to the client we create them for because no two Life Sciences businesses are alike.

Our service offerings include:

  • Algorithms implementation,
  • Web portals and desktop applications development,
  • Scalable and high-performance database design,
  • Distributed datasources integration,
  • Legacy code migration,
  • TranSMART development,
  • Computing performance optimization.

TranSMART Development

The entire WaveAccess team keeps an active membership with TranSMART Developer Workshops to stay current on industry innovations and advances.

  • TranSMART development & customization,
  • Migrating existing business processes to the TranSMART platform,
  • TranSMART configuration and deployment.
tranSMART, tranSMART Development

R Development

R script is the programming language of choice for statistical analysis and data mining. WaveAccess harnesses the power R script for your Life Sciences projects.

  • R script development and optimization,
  • Building R algorithms that are software and environment compatible,
  • Convertation to Java when necessary.

GPU Software Development

Certified CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) developers create and optimize applications for massively-parallel computing and provide flexible work with bulk-data.

  • GPU acceleration via CUDA and Open CL,
  • CUDA applications development and optimization.
GPU Software Development, CUDA development, massively-parallel computing, GPU acceleration
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Extensive Expertise

After seven years of business, we have worked with many Life Science and high-tech businesses on projects that have made contributions to optimize the way they work. Our teams have proven themselves capable of handling the most complex software projects.

Scientists, Our Companions

Scientists and software developers have many things in common when it comes to the way we develop solutions for our clients. Our similarities give us a deep understanding of a scientist’s technology needs, and we tailor our software solutions to meet each of their requirements.

Experienced Life Sciences Software Team

WaveAccess employs a team of experienced project managers and certified application developers. We maintain our developer workshop memberships and use Agile methodologies to ensure the quality of our work throughout the entire process, from initiation to delivery.

“We have been working with WaveAccess for over 2 years on projects relating to development of software and searches for scientific applications.

We are very impressed with how quickly the professionals at WaveAccess understand the requirements and use cases needed for scientists and realized them in the software in the best way possible. Troubleshooting was never a problem – WaveAccess colleagues responded quickly by taking good immediate care regarding any hiccups that are unavoidable in the software development process.

The WaveAccess team is very professional and reliable in communication especially in engagements involving several companies.”

They have a core unit of highly-skilled software engineers and also a flexible pool of freelance contractors if the project needs some unique expertise not represented in the core team. The core team’s combined skill set covers all popular software development languages and frameworks.

I would recommend WaveAccess for any of your software development needs.”

Svetlana Bureeva
Director, Professional Services
IP & Science

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