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jisp & WaveAccess: a 10-years collaboration

Let us share a story of a 10-year successful collaboration between WaveAccess and jisp, a lifestyle app that digitizes products and experiences to bring the best of online into physical spaces. Watch the interview with Julian Fisher, the founder and CEO of jisp.

jisp: outlining the benefits of nearshoring with WaveAccess

In his interview, Julian Fisher, the founder and CEO of jisp, outlines the advantages of nearshoring with WaveAccess, and also shares how he keeps track of his project’s progress and how the risks are distributed during the project development.

“We have been working with WaveAccess for over 2 years on projects relating to development of software and searches for scientific applications.

We are very impressed with how quickly the professionals at WaveAccess understand requirements and use cases needed for scientists and realize them in the software in the best way possible. Troubleshooting was never a problem – WaveAccess colleagues responded quickly by taking good immediate care regarding any hiccups that are unavoidable in the software development process.

The WaveAccess team is very professional and reliable in communication especially in engagements involving several companies. They have a core unit of highly-skilled software engineers and also a flexible pool of freelance contractors if the project needs some unique expertise not represented in the core team. The core team’s combined skill set covers all popular software development languages and frameworks.

I would recommend WaveAccess for any of your software development needs.”

Svetlana Bureeva
Director, Professional Services
IP & Scien

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“We have worked with WaveAccess for almost a year, and they have proven to be a very professional development team, which I do not hesitate to recommend! When presenting them for tasks and problems, they are not afraid to challenge the solution suggested, and it is clear that there are many experts with different backgrounds in the company. This also gives the benefit of using one partner, for several different development tasks.”

Esper Riis
Project Manager, R&D

Clients Skov

“From the very first conversation and throughout, WaveAccess learned everything they could to understand our project. With a fastidious approach to detail they gained an almost 'owners' perspective. Following a scope of work the team swiftly and expertly converted the stages of development into a working mobile web site which subsequently worked across multiple devices. In our mind, the speed and quality of their work has been the greatest source of confidence in how our project will be used and reflected by others. And a simple reason why we have no hesitation in recommending WaveAccess.”

Julian Fisher
Founder and CEO


“WaveAccess's team joined the project on the front lines, and we finished the second part of the project in March 2012.

WaveAccess's team (led by project manager Alex Gritsyuk) revised the design of the project inception process, filled in the missing parts, and – most importantly – successfully implemented all customizations, data migration and integration.

We are grateful for WaveAccess’ professional work of exceptionally high level and personal endeavors of the team in this project. We definitely recommend WaveAccess as a development and implementation partner.”

Nomeda Kemekliene
Finance and Administration Director

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“I've worked with WaveAccess over a period of years on many different Drupal websites and applications for high-end, worldwide brands.

What sets WaveAccess apart from other offshore and even local suppliers, is their solid software development process and high quality talent. WaveAccess personnel always make the effort to thoroughly understand what is being built, and why. This allows them to find the correct solutions to development problems, with little to no guidance. In other words, it is never necessary to micro-manage development.

They maintain perfect communications, display great proactivity and are always available and reliable. As such, I never worry about a project when it is handled by WaveAccess - In fact, we often use WaveAccess for particular high-risk projects rather than handling them in-house, as we know the quality of their work is consistently high and they are able to shoulder the challenges.”

Morten Kirsbo
Managing Director

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“WaveAccess has developed an iPad application for our Hospital Information System. All work had been done in time with high quality. Software engineers of this company have high-level skills in programming and, what is very important, in architectural design of applications and data communications between different systems.”

Eugene Kogan

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“I have worked with the developers at WaveAccess prior to this project so I already had a good understanding of their abilities, but this project was going to be a little different so we came up with the idea of creating a test project and putting it out there to several groups to ensure that we had the right partner for the project right from the start.

We gave the project to several teams from India, Pakistan, Russia and the Ukraine. Some of the groups worked through intermediates in the United States which we initially thought would be a benefit. WaveAccess however, works directly with its clients and supplies a project manager who, in our case, was fluent in English.

Our test project had mixed results from some of the teams not getting it to work or just taking too long to accomplish things that for us seemed like simple tasks, also the estimate of resources and hourly rates for those resources varied significantly; the formula seemed to be “less per hour” equating to more developers needed.

WaveAccess was not the only successful team to complete the test project but they did it with the least amount of resources (more expensive per hour but the quality of developers produced the second lowest in overall project cost) and the product delivered was a polished application fully tested, but probably the most important thing was that the project was completed with a minimum amount of additional management on our part, every other team created management issues such as communication problems between U.S. representative and the developers, language problems, long delays where development basically stopped while developers waited for clarification from USTL etc.

Unlike the other teams, WaveAccess just got the job done! No problems or hassles. They could have been working in the office next to me and things would not have been smoother.”

Alistair J. Crighton
Co-Founder and CTO

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“Dear Sirs,

This correspondence is designed as a formal reference for WaveAccess and to communicate the level of satisfaction that my groups have experienced during our 4 year relationship with Ilya Feigin and his WaveAccess organization. During this period of time, we have relied heavily on the technical support, help-desk, software development and consulting resources at WaveAccess.

During the 3 years prior to the sale of our company, we were awarded 4 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year awards for our CRM4Legal application. The WaveAccess team was directly involved in virtually every aspect of the development of the CRM4Legal software application, as well as the integration technologies, data migrations, conversions, implementations, and on-going support operations. I am very pleased to communicate that we would not have experienced this level of success, nor would we have been honored with these awards without the close relationship and partnership that we enjoyed with WaveAccess.

Once we completed our transition obligations from the sale of Client Profiles, my management team decided to embark on a new generation of Microsoft Dynamics businesses. As we evaluated our assets and intellectual property, we counted our relationship with Microsoft and WaveAccess as two primary strengths that would help us be successful with our new ventures. We acquired c360 in December of 2011 and immediately shifted our development and support from a Bangalore based team to the Wave Access organization. C360 was able to reduce the size of the team, while increasing the level of support provided to a global client base of more than 2,200 Dynamics CRM customers. The response from our inside support team and from the client base has been outstanding. This effort has allowed c360 to accelerate product development initiatives with the WaveAccess team and we are looking forward to a long a mutually beneficial relationship between c360 and WaveAccess.”

M.W. “Whit” McIsaac
CEO & President

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“Euro-Soft Developments Limited and WaveAccess provide a combined programming and project management service for clients in The United Kingdom and Europe.

WaveAccess provide the programming services, technical design and management services while Euro-Soft provide onsite project management as well as sourcing and securing the clients and all marketing activities.

Euro-Soft clients include Independent software providers, Government Bodies and IT consultants across a wide range of technologies including Microsoft .Net, SQL server, Oracle, Java, Macromedia etc.

Euro-Soft’s principal sales tool is to provide exceptional levels of service while reducing costs through using an offshore resource. It is, therefore, vital that a development partner has a similar ethos and that quality and service at the development end meet the exact standards required at the delivery stage. In WaveAccess, Euro-Soft have found the perfect partner with both the technical skills and the required dedication and commitment to excellence.

Euro-Soft have a number of new exciting projects due over the next 12 months and anticipate that WaveAccess will have an increasingly active role in all of them.”

John Brightwell
Co-Founder and CEO

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“I worked with Waveaccess on several projects since 2000. All these projects have been high quality, delivered on time and in budget. They proved to be a good advisor on different technical matters so I'm always open to their ideas and suggestions. I can recommend them as a reliable partner to work with.”

Denis Assanbaev

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“I have worked with the developers and designers of WaveAccess in building my websites and partnering between WaceAccess and my companies. All the people at WaveAccess really understand the business requirements and functional needs and they are thinking in all the possible ways with you to achieve the best solution. Furthermore they are very professional and always straight-forward in communication and delivering as promised and agreed. I can only say that WaveAccess is a very pleasant company to work with and that their people are all professionals in their specialty.

Everybody is thinking with their end customers and working very hard to get the best and optimal results. I am looking forward to hiring and doing more business with WaveAccess in the future.

Last but not the least, I found the WaveAccess solutions for Dynamics CRM to be particularly interesting and useful for almost any company that wants to increase the effectiveness of their CRM-activities and I highly recommend their products as well as CRM-related services, which are of the highest quality.”

Hans Veldman

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