Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team
Premium software development outsourcing.

Premium software,
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Imagine having your own dedicated development team; a group of managers, project specialists, web application developers, and more for one fixed monthly fee. Now, imagine having a dedicated development team that you can hand-pick from an existing pool of approved IT specialists in the WaveAccess database.

For high levels of operations transparency and flexibility, outsourcing your product development team to WaveAccess is guaranteed to provide you with results you’ve only dreamed of. Enjoy the convenience of our expert web application developers and our clean, durable infrastructure for as long as you need it.

How Does a Dedicated Development Team Work?

The same way you carefully select only the best employees for your business, we select only the best local engineering talent to join the WaveAccess ranks. Your only job, then, is to sit back and select your application development team from our pool of vetted IT experts.

WaveAccess provides all equipment, network environment requirements, and project management services to complete your job. With a dedicated team working on your application, what is considered “outsourced” on paper will feel like an extension of your working family.

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