Project Recovery

Project Recovery
Quickly and responsibly, we will organize a rescue team for your project. You will see the first tangible results in just two weeks.

5 steps we will take to get your project back on track

Our development superheroes are here to save your project

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If you are faced with the fact that
  • Your project is at the risk of not being delivered on time
  • Communication within the development team is broken
  • You have gone beyond your budget, but the product is still not ready
  • You are partly or completely missing the structure of the project (including documentation)
WaveAccess delivers efficient solutions
  • The latest development practices: Feature Teams, Microservices (AWS Lambdas or Azure Functions), and Behavior-Driven Development
  • DevOps driven software development to reduce product time to market
  • Review the code to find hidden threats and performance bottlenecks

Project Recovery white paper

Project Recovery white paper Project Recovery white paper

Get our checklist: How to get your project back to track!

For almost 20 years, we have worked with CTOs, VPs of software development, heads of engineering, and project managers who have struggled to build and deliver their software to their customers. They turned to us to help them complete their software development projects on time and on budget. Based on the knowledge and experience we've gained over the years, we've built a concrete and pragmatic checklist that will help you identify issues with your project and solve them.

What do you get with WaveAccess?

Real time communication

Real time communication

Skype calls and virtual screen sharing – we talk with our customers every day. Each week, project teams meet up for a weekly demo, sprint planning, and Q&A sessions.

Focus on long-term values

Focus on long-term values

80% of our customers are our second-time buyers. Most of our clients recommend our services to their partners and colleagues.

Project manager 24/7

Project manager 24/7

You get your own project manager, on call 24/7. We also offer an onsite PM. Teams use customers’ JIRA as a release management tool.

Strong team motivation

Strong team motivation

Why? Good salaries, social guarantees, and a healthy working environment! We often send our employees for trainings and enjoy their progress.

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

You get transparent project management, along with a detailed risk map. You also get an explained list of project expenditures.

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Unlike the other teams WaveAccess just got the job done! No problems or hassles. They could been working in the office next to me and things would not have been smoother.

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