Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Implementation
We help companies build secure enterprise solutions with the most efficient distributed ledger technologies.

From an Idea to a Fully Functional System

We create blockchain networks from the ground up or on the basis of existing platforms. Our engineering team helps to integrate business processes within blockchain environment enhancing and optimizing their performance.

Blockchain Platforms we utilize:
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Azure Blockchain Workbench
  • Bitcoin
  • Monax

How You Can Benefit

Blockchain based solutions ensure protocol credibility making any fraud attempts impossible. Another major benefit is transparency allowing business processes optimization.

The industries with high standards of compliance, security and reliability will benefit the most.

Data interoperability, insurance fraud management, drug supply chain provenance, and identity management applications offer amazing growth opportunities for blockchain ecosystem. By building completely new solutions, we help our clients to enter new markets and industries that are free of any competition.

And we always encourage to choose the public type of the ledger so your business can promote even more security and credibility.

We offer blockchain solutions for the
following industries:

  • Financial services
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Insurance
  • Resources distribution systems (e.g. monetary funds, working time)
  • Manufacturing
Machine Learning

What We Offer

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Based on the platform of your choice, we develop solutions that meet your business needs.
Smart contracts

Smart contracts

We analyze, architect, develop and implement algorithms that allows your business processes utilize blockchain technology.


We integrate blockchain networks with your existing systems and platforms (e.g. ERP, CRM, Accounting, etc.).
Proof of concept

Proof of concept

By implementing a proof of concept, you can validate whether the chosen blockchain solution serves your business needs.


We analyze your existing blockchain and smart contract environment and suggest enhancements.


We can work with previous blockchain development efforts recovering projects initiated by other development teams.

Typical Work Stages

Сlient’s requirements
Platform selection
Proof of concept
Business processes analysis
Blockchain Configuration and Deploy
Smart Contracts Development
Selected platform tests
Quality Engineering
Full Product Implementation
Stabilization and Validation
Going Live
private network
business process
platform checked
blockchain checked
blockchain checked

We can join the development at any stage!

Our Experience

Healthcare insurance blockchain integrationHealthcare insurance blockchain integration about

Healthcare insurance blockchain integration

For patients with severe conditions it is often a matter of life and death to get a timely treatment or surgery. In most cases these medical procedures are also very costly, and it takes time for a healthcare provider to coordinate all expenses with an insurance company. The challenge was to save time, costs, and eliminate paperwork by settling formalities automatically.
Asset Management System Blockchain integrationAsset Management System Blockchain integration

Asset Management System Blockchain integration

Implementation of a module as an integrated part of the asset management process. The module includes a list of preconfigured smart contract types to handle each asset transaction request type (purchasing or selling) and a web portal to allow contracts approvers to work with smart contracts via special user interface.

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Unlike the other teams WaveAccess just got the job done! No problems or hassles. They could been working in the office next to me and things would not have been smoother.
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