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Blockchain project boost with pre-launch performance audit

Published January 9, 2024

WaveAccess has introduced a new pre-launch performance audit for blockchain projects. This service is designed to ensure the superior performance and robustness of blockchain systems, with a keen focus on efficient resource utilization and cost optimization. The audit includes a thorough examination of the system's infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and offering solutions to fortify it against future threats.

Addressing pre-launch challenges

Companies preparing to launch their blockchain systems encounter numerous challenges, and the last thing they want to face is the project post-launch issues.

WaveAccess addresses these concerns by offering an in-depth blockchain audit tailored specifically for Hyperledger projects. This audit ensures project stability, superior performance, and robustness. This is achieved by conducting a meticulous analysis of smart contract computations, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring scalability. We identify and highlight potential issues before they manifest as problems during the system's operational debut.

This proactive approach follows the blockchain development best practices. It not only safeguards our customers' investments, but also saves their valuable time and preserves their reputation, while empowering them to confidently navigate future project growth.

Preventing common issues

Our audit serves as a risk mitigation tool against a range of common issues that frequently impact blockchain projects, including:

  • Performance and efficiency problems;
  • Scalability and infrastructure challenges;
  • Development and maintenance complexities;
  • Data processing and integration difficulties;
  • Reliability and deployment concerns.

Our real-world cases have already demonstrated the audit's remarkable results, including up to a 100-fold increase in response time speed and up to 10 times cost optimization.

Custom audit services

Within the expert audit, we offer the following services:

Auditing code and project performance

This involves an in-depth analysis of project code and architecture with a focus on efficient computation parallelization and memory usage optimization. The approach ensures improved system performance without inflating server costs.

Achieving stability under various loads

We optimize the handling of large, dynamic datasets through advanced data management solutions, including caching and testing systems. It contributes to system resilience with robust backup and recovery processes, along with seamless integration and migration to new infrastructures. We can also perform an on-demand stress-test of your system to ensure its stability under high loads or over extended periods.

Identifying and addressing potential bottlenecks

Our approach is dedicated to ensuring long-term reliability and scalability. We streamline node and network operations, significantly reducing administrative burdens.

Wrapping up

A pre-launch performance audit by WaveAccess offers a strategic advantage to those looking for their blockchain project enhancement. Our team diligently scrutinizes every line of code and evaluates the overall architecture to ensure that every component functions seamlessly and securely.

Discover more about what you can expect with our new blockchain audit service here.

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