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Custom platform for smart energy supply for MATA Energy

Published April 23, 2024

WaveAccess supported MATA Energy, a German startup that develops an ecosystem for optimizing grid operation, in building the minimum viable product (MVP) of a custom platform for smart energy supply from the ground up. Leveraging our expertise in IoT, Cloud, and the energy sector, along with our startup-oriented approach, we successfully brought MATA Energy’s vision to life.


MATA Energy sought an external development team with the right experience and domain-specific expertise to assist in creating an MVP for their platform aimed at digitizing energy grids. This platform is designed to facilitate sector-coupled energy supply, improving its transparency and efficiency for neighborhood residents, municipal utilities, and grid operators. Ultimately, this initiative aims to enhance sustainability, cut costs, and boost operational effectiveness.

We picked WaveAccess as developers mainly because of their great strategic approach and understanding of startups, along with their extensive experience in IoT, cloud tech, and the energy industry. Before we started working together, we had an extended strategic session that helped us ensure that they knew how to use the best IT practices and technology while keeping costs down and sticking to our schedule
Christopher Giesken
CEO of MATA Energy


WaveAccess built a web application to monitor and manage data from various energy-related devices within a neighborhood. The IoT-based platform enables thorough oversight and analysis of solar energy generation, distribution efficiency, and energy consumption for heating, cooling, and car charging.

The project commenced in October 2023, and the MVP was successfully launched in early April 2024, in accordance with the client's timeline.

Dashboard for householders

MVP key features:
  • Customized dashboards for property managers, house owners, engineers, internal energy operators, and public energy operators;
  • Real-time data gathering and visualization, combined with historical data analysis;
  • Heat grid diagrams;
  • Automated alerts for equipment malfunctions.
We had a great opportunity to partner with MATA Energy in building their MVP from scratch, drawing on our IoT expertise, energy sector experience, and startup-focused approach. For our client to track progress effortlessly, we maintained constant communication, held daily meetings, and provided transparent reporting
Stanislav Appelganz
Head of Business Development at WaveAccess Germany

The primary challenge encountered during the project revolved around creating accessible and user-friendly visualization of complex data gathered from various technological assets and equipment. Despite the tight timeline, WaveAccess’s development team successfully tackled this task, and also envisioned the essential feature for complete customization of the visualization.

Dashboard for grid operator


The solution’s architecture is based on the Azure services.

  • Frontend: Angular, Typescript;
  • Backend: .NET, Azure Event Hubs, Azure AD B2C;
  • IoT: Azure IoT Hub, LoRaWAN, iMSys/Ethernet/WiFi/Modbus;
  • Databases: Azure Data Explorer, Azure SQL, Azure CosmosDB, Azure Data Lake Storage, Redis;
  • Infrastructure: Docker, Azure Kubernetes, Azure Container Registry, Azure Application Insights, Azure Alerts.
The project aims to embrace renewable energies, which are part of the broader green transition trend. Renewable energy production can vary greatly due to natural factors like sunlight and wind. To effectively manage these fluctuations and ensure consistent energy supply, it’s crucial to employ digital solutions. By integrating IoT and cloud technologies, we can monitor numerous indicators in real-time and see a bigger picture, maintain a reliable energy supply, and optimize its usage. At the project’s start, our key challenge was to choose the technology stack that offered the greatest flexibility and speed
Sergey Ponomarenko
Head of IoT at WaveAccess


​​We’re really happy with what we’ve got so far. An MVP of our platform for smart energy supply boasts great functionality and design, delivered right on time
Christopher Giesken
CEO of MATA Energy

Thanks to outsourcing with WaveAccess, MATA Energy gained access to rare expertise, saved time and money, and could expand the team as needed.

The MVP launch marks the beginning of a larger project, and we are thrilled to continue our collaboration with MATA Energy as we progress to the next steps!

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