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A 22-year long journey

Published July 12, 2022

In July 2022, WaveAccess is turning 22! We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone involved and share the latest news and updates in the company’s life. WaveAccess carries on to focus on the global team approach, expanding its presence and also supporting the remote work concept, to increase the expertise in working with complex technology and business challenges, enter into new partnerships, develop its proprietary products, support employee initiatives and invest in the talents.

We have crossed another major milestone: over the past 22 years, the company has been developing software customized for specific business processes and tasks, creating solutions of any complexity, including science-intensive development, and building a high-performing global team.

Today, WaveAccess provides 35 services in the area of project development, Data and AI, Microsoft Dynamics 365, DevOps and optimization, IT consulting and outsourcing, project recovery, design and prototyping. The company boasts a strong expertise in modern and in-demand technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, VR/AR/MR, Big Data, and BI. Over the years, our team has developed solutions for more than 500 companies in 16 industries, including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Retail and E-commerce, Production, Finance and Insurance.


Over the past year, the company has expanded its presence by opening three new offices: in Viborg in the northern part of Denmark, in Rhein in northern Germany, and in Rochester, United Kingdom.

Our team totals more than 800 people working in 22 countries. Our employees have different life experiences, interests and competence in different disciplines, but they all share a commitment to collaboration, innovation and sustainability.

Projects 2021-2022

This year in WaveAccess’s life will be remembered by a number of prominent projects. To name a few:

We have partnered with Transaction-Network, a German company for the development of digital ecosystems specifically for mechanical engineering, to create an integrative platform that connects companies that build machines with its end customers — the producers — in after-sales support. The platform is used to manage the machines after they are sold (digital twin), monitor the systems (IIoT), plan maintenance and service as well as control them in advance (predictive maintenance), and place after-sales offers.

We keep on increasing our expertise in the field of AI, and we also continue working in sustainable development and ESG. Our AI professionals were fortunate to join the development of the MyPlasticDiary web application MVP, which aims to make it possible to track and control the plastic consumption levels, find the nearest recycling points and thus reduce your plastic footprint. We trained the application to recognize plastic packages by image and label text and determine the type and weight of the plastic they contained using computer vision algorithms and NLP (Natural Language Processing).


WaveAccess has always had a strong focus on product vision. Moreover, the accumulated expertise has been transformed into the development of our own IT products, including ValueAI, SyncIT and myQuiz, and each of them has been actively evolving over the past year.

ValueAI, the AI-powered solution for processing incoming requests based on predictions, prioritizes and categorizes inquiries, and automatically assigns them to departments. Which helps reduce the response time on requests and lower the percentage of lost calls, as well as the number of errors caused by the human factor. With its new facelifted version, ValueAI can now be integrated with chatbots, CRM systems, email and other sources (FTP or file system).

Demand for the SyncIT platform continues to grow among businesses from various industries to solve various problems, because the solution allows to configure real-time synchronization between various information sources: CRM and ERP systems, databases, Excel (csv), etc. Moreover, SyncIT is a customizable solution: our specialists can create a special connector if a different data source is declared.

myQuiz is a web-based audience engagement cloud platform for hosting interactive trivia quizzes at in-person, virtual and even hybrid events. The solution is expanding to new heights. In 2020-2022 alone, about 1.8 million quizzes were held on the basis of myQuiz, and the total number of registered users exceeded 4.6 million.

Sharing expertise

The WaveAccess team has been sharing their experience and opinion with the expert community for many years, which includes the issues of the global IT market development, innovative solutions and trends of digital transformation, discussing the current agenda, including the state of the labor market and also trends for the coming years.

In 2021, for the second year in a row, we joined the prestigious conference in the field of Artificial Intelligence — Ai4. By becoming a bronze partner, we got the opportunity to introduce our solutions and approach to the implementation of AI and Machine Learning at a virtual booth.

November 2021 marked ML Conference in Singapore — one of the most authoritative international conferences on Machine Learning. Our Head of Data Science unveiled the most common problems that ML teams and customer teams come across while working on IT projects, and shared ways to overcome them.

The early 2022 has become quite eventful as well and full of offline communication — something that we lacked so much during the pandemic. DMEA in Berlin was the first one in a row. It is a significant European conference and exhibition in the field of healthcare digitization. In Germany, this topic is especially hot in the context of the new "Future of Hospitals Act" (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz), which, among other things, regulates public funding of projects for the digital transformation of medical institutions. By the way, WaveAccess Germany was officially certified by the German Federal Office for Social Welfare (Das Bundesamt für Soziale Sicherung) to assist comрanies’ efforts in the digital transformation according to the KHZG act.

We also did not miss the opportunity to attend another event that is a must in the calendar of digital healthcare professionals — the HIMSS22 Europe conference and exhibition, which was hosted by the capital of Finland this time. Every year, HIMSS brings together the experts to discuss ideas and solutions that will drive innovation in the next generation of healthcare.

Nurturing talents

Our TechLab is bustling with activity: teams are researching new promising technologies, choosing the most effective ones and anticipating new business needs.

On top of that, each employee can take the opportunity to share their experience with colleagues at one of the regular webinars. Showcase meetings, which have become a good tradition, also provide a brilliant chance to tell everyone in detail about the projects. Such online gatherings are a great way to exchange experiences and get fresh ideas for meeting your challenges.

And if one wants to expand their knowledge, then the internal training system will help, which includes business English courses, work with common programs, tools and technical documentation, courses for the development of soft skills.

Physical and mental health are also our top priority: corporate yoga, basketball and volleyball classes, participation in marathons and obstacle races, the opportunity to receive psychological support from specialists — everyone can get what is required now according to their interests and needs. Among other things, we introduced the practice of Family days — small themed trips and outings for employees with families to nature.

The internship program at WaveAccess continues to develop: since July 2021, 48 interns from among students and graduates of technical universities have joined us.

Happy anniversary!

We have 22 years of software development, prominent cases and complex projects, technology partnerships, inspiration, research and discoveries, new experiences and exciting stories under our belts. Congratulations to everyone involved in what an important role WaveAccess plays today in the international IT community!

Let us thank all of the customers, partners and each team member for your continued support and for being part of our company's growth and excellence over these years.

We will continue to share the company’s news, so don’t pass by our blog and social media and be the first to learn about our latest stories.

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