What SyncIT can do for you


Import data

from several different systems
to another one

Synchronize data

between various systems

Migrate data

from previous Microsoft CRM versions
to Dynamics 365


an integration engine in your vertical

Extend access

to your CRM for external users

Transfer data

from any other CRM to Microsoft

Integration made easy

  • SyncIT has a constantly growing library of ready-to-go connectors for most popular enterprise applications and databases.
  • Any custom connector can be created according to your request.
  • Generally it takes us from 2 hours to 7 days to create a connector for any existing business application.
View connectors library
  • Predefined integration scenarios are available for most common integration cases.
  • In case no predefined scenario meets your exact needs, it can be easily customized using SyncIT embedded tools, such as SyncIT Visual Script Editor

SyncIT in details

SyncIT Jentek usecaseSyncIT Jentek usecase

SyncIT Integration Challenge

in industrial monitoring system
Our client’s goal was to collect data from controllers and make it available online. The controllers were installed on boilers and air conditioning units of high rise buildings, industrial objects and other hard-to-reach locations. We developed a complex solution based on CRM and our Integration platform and made customer’s workflow fully automated
RepScrubs ScrubPortRepScrubs ScrubPort

Cloud CRM solution integrated with a web portal

for a scrub suit vending machine supplier
WaveAccess has partnered with ScrubPort, a US-based medical uniform supplier, to develop a comprehensive IT solution for providing disposable scrub sets for healthcare professionals at medical care facilities through vending machines. The solution connects the CRM system with user portals and with vending machine API, allowing for reliability, flexibility, and transparency.

SyncIT Use Сases

Seamless migration to Dynamics 365

Seamless migration

to Dynamics 365
Migrate any data CRM to Dynamics 365 or any other CRM systems. SyncIT allows users to start working in the new system immediately, using data from the old one. No need to freeze your users out: we care about the integrity of your business processes.
Synchronization of deep analytics data from Digital Marketing Systems with e-commerce platform

Synchronization of deep analytics data

from Digital Marketing Systems with e-commerce platform
SyncIT integrates deep webshop analytics and e-commerce platform in order to make customer journey more effective.
Integration of Email and Marketing Systems with CRM


of Email and Marketing Systems with CRM
To launch an email campaign, a marketing specialist has to export data from CRM and convert it to required format manually. We developed a business process to automate all the steps. Our SyncIT integration module sets the seamless workflow between Email Marketing System and customer’s CRM
Integration of Document Management Systems with CRM


of Document Management Systems with CRM
Our clients optimize sales tracking with integrated DMS and Dynamics CRM. With SyncIT they can load and manage documents in CRM directly with no need to switch between systems.
CRM Portals

CRM Portals

We developed SyncIT Portals as an extension to Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. SyncIT Portal is a way to open up the CRM system to people who are not CRM system users.
Lead Generation

Lead Generation

SyncIT collects all applications and requests sent from your web-site and distribute potential leads between your sales people depending on their workload
Integration of Financial System with CRM/ERP


of Financial System with CRM/ERP
SyncIT connects CRM or ERP and Finance systems into one integrated ecosphere. Automated bidirectional synchronization of accounts contacts and chosen entities allows you to respond to changes quickly.

Connector Library for SyncIT
Integration platform

What do you get with WaveAccess?

real time communication

Real time communication

Skype calls and virtual screen sharing – we talk with our customers every day. Each week, project teams meet up for a weekly demo, sprint planning, and Q&A sessions.

focus on long-term values

Focus on long-term values

80% of our customers are our second-time buyers. Most of our clients recommend our services to their partners and colleagues.

project manager 24/7

Project manager 24/7

You get your own project manager, on call 24/7. We also offer an onsite PM. Teams use customers’ JIRA as a release management tool.

strong team motivation

Strong team motivation

Why? Good salaries, social guarantees, and a healthy working environment! We often send our employees for trainings and enjoy their progress.

no hidden costs

No hidden costs

You get transparent project management, along with a detailed risk map. You also get an explained list of project expenditures.

Let’s get started

Why work with us:
  • Proven Track Record,
  • Complete transparency & control with real-time IP access,
  • Dedicated 24/7 Project Manager for communications around the clock,
  • Ability to deliver fixed pricing for projects.

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