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SaaS AI lead capture app

Published March 30, 2023

WaveAccess built a multi-tenant lead capture platform for CaptureNow, the US-based SaaS solution provider for consumer-based law firms. The application allows users to reduce the cost of client acquisition, customer retention and increase the number of requests and positive feedback. The system’s core feature is the opportunity to create AI chatbots. By hiring the WaveAccess team our client saved around 50% on their overall project costs.


CaptureNow, a SaaS solution provider for consumer-based law firms, had a tight timeframe to develop their product before the go-to-market launch. Once the proof-of-concept was developed, they realized they didn’t feel comfortable enough to build their own development team and successfully meet the deadline. Therefore, CaptureNow decided to engage WaveAccess.

The task was to develop a multi-tenant portal for lead capture and customer experience management. The system was also supposed to serve as a core to create AI legal assistants.

Key milestones

We collaborated to architect the app so that it could scale as much as the client wanted, so we factored in overnight explosive growth capabilities.

Our team built an MVP within six weeks. Since then, we’ve delivered a new system build every two weeks, constantly adding features, improvement, and functionality.

After analyzing the beta version, we proposed architectural and infrastructural changes that allowed us to speed up the app by 10 times and ensure the convenience of further support and development (deployment speed, the possibility of flexible configuration and modifications, etc.).

Project was implemented by 11 teammates: PM, DevLead, UX designer, analyst, backend infrastructure development professionals, frontend developers, QA engineer.

We started working together with CaptureNow in May 2022, and the engagement is still ongoing.


The SaaS-based platform called CaptureNow allows users to reduce the cost of customer retention and increase the number of requests and positive feedback. Its key features include: 

  • Lead capture automatization: tracking, filtering, notifications, etc.;
  • Integration with lead generation channels: telephony, chatbots, text messages, social networks, etc.;
  • Integrations of the leads into the user's CRM;
  • Ability to build a bot based on the directions selected by the client (bot personalization);
  • User management (access rights, etc.);
  • Recording and displaying events in the system.

CaptureNow interface

CaptureNow interface

CaptureNow interface


The solution’s entire architecture is built on Amazon Cloud (AWS) solutions. The project’s key technology challenge was to generate the SaaS app in the AWS environment which would enable users to create voice bots out of the box.

We also built a multi-region app architecture which helps with fault tolerance, low latency, growing a user base, and increasing operational flexibility.

Frontend technologies included Angular 13, Angular Material 13, PrimeNG 13, RxJs 7.5, Typescript 4.6, ESLint 8.12, and WebSockets (SignalR).

Backend was realized based on Elastic container service + serverless architecture on AWS, .NET 6 LTS, AWS SDK, Entity Framework, Aurora Serverless v2 (PostgreSQL), DynamoDB, Terraform, SEQ centralized logging, AWS SES, S3 FileStorage, and SNS+SQS (service bus + EventBridge).


WaveAccess managed to bring the app to a successful launch 6 months after the start of development. Over 160 beta clients were engaged by that time. The client’s savings amounted to around 50% by hiring our team.

We’ve been absolutely delighted with the results WaveAccess has delivered and the speed at which they’re working. They don’t just take direction from us; it’s a collaborative effort where they add valuable insight into the product. I can tell they’re thinking about the project throughout their day and not just taking complete guidance. Moreover, the overall project cost has been lower than we would pay by hiring our own staff. We anticipate a many-year engagement with them
Jeremy Harms
CTO, CaptureNow

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