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Meet the new look of WaveAccess!

Published August 30, 2022

WaveAccess has rebranded and we are delighted to introduce you to the fresh and yet recognizable logo in bright vibrant color and our new motto "Form The Future". Let us tell you more about the new stage in the evolution of our brand.

WaveAccess combines robust technology and fresh ideas, responsibility and courage. We streamline customer needs and requests, unravel complex code, and make even the most challenging tasks easier. Since its founding in 2000, WaveAccess has been building its expertise, improving its business processes and adapting to the ever-changing landscape — the brand’s visual identity has been changing and evolving along with the company.

The logo’s previous version, which existed since 2013, no longer reflected the essence of WaveAccess, as the company has steadily stepped into the digital age and has also expanded seriously in all directions over the past decade: the company has grown several times over, and its structure has become complex and branched out. We have maintained our belief in the key role of innovation for the future, but our divisions, competencies, and products were becoming cramped in the old branding. The time has come to give the brand new meanings and a refreshed look! 

Partnering with the international branding agency 

Updating the logo is a global strategic task. First of all, a lot of work had to be done with the "bricks" that make up the integral image of the company: they had to be polished and a new foundation had to be laid. It was necessary to take a step from an intuitive understanding of the brand to a universal and documented vision — to create a brand platform. 

The rebranding team was made up of the WaveAccess’s marketers and designers, and the international agency kidults was chosen as the external partner. They attracted us with their values, unique experience in rebranding and their bright successful cases for a number of large companies.

It took us more than a year to refresh the company’s look. During this period, numerous and extensive strategic and creative sessions, as well as a series of in-depth interviews with top management and employees were conducted, which helped lay a solid foundation for the visualization. The brand was deeply analyzed and examined from different angles: the character, the tone of voice, the topics raised, the values, the global aspirations. The company's place in customers' lives was articulated: "We act as an expert technology partner for companies with broad goals, finding the best way to solve even the most complex development challenges."

As a result, the expert team has finally come up with a modern logo with the key elements that perfectly convey the company’s values and mission. New shades of green and dark colors were chosen as an alternative to the old corporate palette. After the redesign, we managed to maintain the identity and continuity of the logo in order to remain true to our longstanding reputation as a reliable IT partner. At the same time, WaveAccess's new look — which has become bolder, clearer and more consistent — is optimally aligned with the transformation we have experienced as a company over the past decade and symbolizes our dynamic future

Sys Int Money

The initial metaphor "globalization, a world with no boundaries, moving forward, dynamics" got a new interpretation, as well as the new motto "Form the Future" was designed to strengthen an emotional connection with the brand — it calls to create, build, and actively shape the future. While the former motto "We Make IT Easy" communicated ease of problem solving, the new one proclaims activity, creation, courage, and speed. We also changed our corporate font to Gilroy, a light and modern sans serif font, which is designed to convey our message better. 

The new positioning strategy and its visual components will enable us to tailor communications to our versatility and communicate our corporate values. In addition, the new approach to branding will give WaveAccess teams the option to easily customize the logo to their objectives, reflecting the uniqueness of each business area and business unit
Alexander Azarov
CEO at WaveAccess

The image of our products, expert areas, practices and business units will also be transformed, as the rebranding team managed to go one step further: the single logo has been replaced by the brand constructor. This is a system of rules to help the company quickly visualize any ideas and create new logos for any structural units. 

The challenge was to link the established image with the updated positioning and create flexible branding capable of incorporating other elements of the large-scale ecosystem, including individual products and services. It is worth noting that B2B IT companies often apply to agencies for rebranding, and the request to create an image of a reliable business partner is quite popular. In this light, the task of identifying the specifics of a particular company and expressing its identity through a discreet but noticeable visual language becomes extremely relevant
Mike Shishkin
founder and creative director at kidults

The new branding will form the basis of all WaveAccess communications, and updates will gradually be reflected on the company's website and other corporate media. 

​​​​​​​We hope you will like the new look of WaveAccess!

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