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ValueXI: your Artificial Intelligence engine

Published December 13, 2023

Drawing from our extensive experience, we have distilled best practices to create a solution that helps sidestep AI project challenges, enabling AI smooth end-to-end integration, while saving up to 90% of resources and accelerating project delivery by 3x.

Why AI projects fail

Embarking on an AI project can be an intricate journey, but the real challenge lies in making AI practicable and impactful, and integrating it into a business ecosystem.

Up to 98% of initiatives stumble at these major milestones of the AI project development:

  1. Bring ML models to production:
    • build a model;

    • implement business monitoring;

    • ensure operational monitoring;

  2. Use AI-derived insights in the business processes (after all, why build AI projects otherwise?);
  3. Continuously retrain the existing model with up-to-date data;
  4. Monitor model performance on new data.

At WaveAccess, we've witnessed the common roadblocks that businesses come across when diving into AI initiatives. They include the scarcity of skilled Data Science experts, difficulties in launching AI solutions into production, and the soaring costs associated with Data Science development.

When combined with specific issues like data privacy, model interpretability, AI integration and ecosystem compatibility, scalability, and more, these challenges become critically urgent. As a result, projects fail and the technology potential remains untapped, leaving stakeholders frustrated and uncertain about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

Mastering AI implementation

Leveraging our deep expertise, we've distilled best practices to craft a solution that helps  effectively bypass AI project pitfalls, enabling efficient AI utilization and also significantly accelerating project development.

Meet ValueXI — your Artificial Intelligence Engine!

It serves as a customizable low-code platform for processing input data with Machine Learning algorithms. With this tool, you can expect:

  • Quick start with reduced Data Scientists' involvement;
  • Automated routine for in-house DS team (if you have one); 
  • From Proof of Concept to production-ready AI in just 1 month;
  • End-to-end integration;
  • Reduced time-to-market by 3x;
  • Saving up to 90% of resources.

To top it off — work in the cloud or on-premise!

Create a PoC and progress to production-ready AI in just 1 month

How ValueXI fuels business with AI

Here's how you can extract business value from ValueXI promptly:

Scenario 1: Insert AI into any system

Incorporate the AI into your digital product, enhancing the appeal to both users and stakeholders.

Scenario 2: Deliver enterprise-grade AI

With ValueXI, we can deliver an enterprise-grade AI solution tailored to your business needs: customizable, cloud or on-premise.

Scenario 3: Boost your in-house AI team

ValueXI helps your dev team build accurate prediction models in hours without actual Data Scientists or analysts.

Scenario 4: Use ChatGPT powers

If you desire to utilize the power of ChatGPT to enhance your business (e.g., by enriching data in an existing model), we can integrate it into ValueXI through OpenAI API.

* * *

Visit ValueXI website to learn more about the platform's capabilities. And feel free to reach out to us to request a 15-min demo, where you'll experience firsthand that the tool is remarkably simple and convenient!

In one of our next posts, we'll unveil how ValueXI can enable your company to harness the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) within your current infrastructure, while ensuring compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and other relevant laws, as well as simplifying LLM implementation for teams with limited Data Science expertise.

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