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WaveAccess and Arrow team up to promote AI use in Denmark

Published April 8, 2024

WaveAccess and Arrow ECS Denmark have partnered to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) more accessible to businesses in the Nordic region. Drawing on WaveAccess's AI implementation experience and Arrow's wide-ranging technology offerings, the collaboration aims to enable local companies to smoothly and efficiently develop, integrate and manage forward-thinking AI-based solutions.

WaveAccess brings significant expertise to the partnership, boasting a track record of over 80 successful AI projects, a skilled Data Science team, and a proprietary ValueXI AI Engine. From energy and manufacturing to healthcare and finance, WaveAccess has effectively utilized AI to enhance efficiency, productivity, and business growth across industries, while overcoming major AI development challenges, saving up to 90% of resources, and accelerating project delivery by 3x.

Arrow Electronics is committed to advancing innovation for technology manufacturers and service providers. The company particularly aims to make AI benefits accessible to a wide audience. With a global network of suppliers, engineers, and manufacturers, Arrow provides a solid foundation for scalable and sustainable technological progress.

Through collaborative efforts and shared expertise of WaveAccess and Arrow, we aim to bridge the gap between AI and business. By democratizing Artificial Intelligence, we aim to empower companies to stay competitive, while making the technology adoption smooth and cost-effective
Kenneth Hallingskov
Managing Director at WaveAccess Nordics
Our extensive portfolio covers a range of technologies, ensuring that businesses have access to the necessary tools and resources for success. By combining the strengths, resources, and networks of both our companies, we are laying the groundwork for a future where AI-driven innovation is within reach for businesses across various sectors
Søren Laisen
Business Unit Manager at Arrow ECS Denmark

As part of the partnership, WaveAccess and Arrow will showcase their offerings and capabilities at Applied AI Nordics, taking place on April 25 in Copenhagen. Stop by our booth and let's discuss how we can support your AI endeavors! You are also welcome to schedule a meeting in advance.

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