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WaveAccess is now a member of the MindSphere World Association

Published December 15, 2020

We proudly announce that WaveAccess became a member of the MindSphere World Association. It is a global and independent user association that aims to promote the IoT to shape the future of the digital economy, and promotion of the Siemens MindSphere® platform.  

Becoming a member of the Association we have proven our ability to deliver IoT-based solutions, as well as our expertise in MindSphere® cloud development. WaveAccess shares plenty of the Association’s aims and ideas, and also regards IoT as a disruptive but positive technology. We currently see that IoT-based solutions are accelerating digital transformation of our clients. Here are some of our projects: 

  • Our Industrial monitoring solution allowed engineers to react to emergencies faster, and freed them from field work (like inspecting equipment).
  • Digital farm: an integrated Internet of Things and Machine Learning based solution for animal farming analyzes and visualizes data from DOL sensors, providing insights on production efficiency.
  • A complex shopping solution Jisp allows users to make purchases by tapping their mobile against NFC sticker, bypassing checkout lines and avoiding having to pay by card or cash. For offline retailers, it delivers in-depth customer analytics
  • Eco-monitoring solution gathers data from air monitoring devices, enabling the control of air pollution in a city-scale, and allows the detection of the location where the pollution started along with the machine learning-based prediction of where it is moving to.

WaveAccess develops custom solutions for different verticals: animal farming, retail, production (‘digital twins’) and many others among them. The difference of WaveAccess is in our expertise in handling data: not only to visualize it in clear interfaces, but also create systems to analyze it, including Machine Learning modules. Such integrated solutions lets our clients gain maximum profit from their data. 

Among MindSphere® World’s work areas are global adoption of IoT solutions, new business processes development, and exchange of technological experience in such fields as: 

  • Connectivity
  • Interoperability
  • Data ownership and data governance
  • Edge technology.

WaveAccess develops projects with IoT on several platforms: Azure IoT Platform, ThingWorx, SAP Cloud Platform, and can offer development on MindSphere®, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Google Cloud Platform, FIWARE. Previously, WaveAccess was recognized as a top Internet of Things Company on DesignRush.

WaveAccess featured on the Top 10 Custom Software Providers List

CIO Applications has compiled a list of top 10 companies of 2020 that are at the forefront of providing custom software development services. WaveAccess is honored to be recognized as one the industry leaders.
June 3, 2020

A Q&A with Vladimir Rybakov Head of Data Science at WaveAccess

In his interview with Neptune, Vladimir Rybakov, Head of Data Science at WaveAccess, shared how to solve problems fast under extreme pressure, how taking responsibility can help progress in career and much more. Get the interview's key takeaways in our blog post.
May 18, 2020

WaveAccess was awarded the "Project of the Year 2019" Award

WaveAccess won the "Project of the Year" Award in the special category "Expert’s Choice" for the digital farming solution Episcope. The IoT and AI based analytical platform for enhancing farm performance was implemented for SKOV A/S.
February 3, 2020

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