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Code refactoring and extensive testing of CBN TV’s CRM system

Published December 10, 2019

WaveAccess redesigned a single integrated CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CBN, an American TV network. Code refactoring and extensive testing ensured the correct operation of the system.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), an American television network and production company, implemented an integrated CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. WaveAccess migrated data from the old version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and redesigned the business process automation since it had stopped coping with the channel’s business tasks. All of the connected portals and web pages were embedded into the updated system. Code refactoring and extensive testing ensured the correct operation of the system.


The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) – an American evangelical Christian religious television network and production company broadcasting to 159 countries and territories in 85 languages. 

Business Issue 

CBN used an old version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to store data on its customers: donators, advertisers, portal users, and business partners. The TV channel has designed a number of CRM based portals and web pages, with the data accumulated in the CRM system. Sub-databases were also used for data storage.

With the TV channel growth, and the number of users increasing, the system stopped coping with the channel’s business tasks, and the need for new features and error fixing became apparent. Errors occurred mainly due to the fact that different parts of the system were developed by different teams (including outsourcing) and have not been integrated or properly tested. 

CBN decided to upgrade the system to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and migrate all connected web portals to the new system. However, it turned out to be not so simple. The reform was compromised by the poor-quality code of CRM applications. 


The channel’s management decided to use the services of a Microsoft development partner for this project. They chose WaveAccess for the job.

What was performed:

  • CRM processes’ audit and optimization

  • Code refactoring:improvement of code quality without functionality changing

  • Most of the applications’ code has been rewritten, duality eliminated, optimal architectural patterns applied

  • System testing: in total, more than 2500 tests were developed (Unit tests, Integration tests, UI tests in Selenium framework)

  • Recommendations given on the system use allowing optimization of CBN workflows


WaveAccess managed to redesign a single integrated customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CBN. In order for the complex system to work at the proper level of quality, a huge number of tests were developed and performed.

CBN turned to WaveAccess as a proven CRM partner on the market. For more than 15 years WaveAccess has been providing development, customization, and integration services for  Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Russian and international markets.

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