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eService & Chat Online CRM Accelerator

Published February 17, 2010

We released a smooth eService-based web-portal integration of live chat functionality with MS CRM

We released eService & ChatOnline CRM Accelerator - a smooth eService-based web-portal integration of live chat functionality with MS CRM system. It allows portal visitors to interact with MS CRM by submitting requests and creating cases in the CRM system and to get real-time assistance and support via live chat. This effective e-commerce tool increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales.

eService & ChatOnline CRM Accelerator is available for free and can be obtained here:


Open Source approach helps optimize costs by 20 times

In 2020 the increasing demand for online services resulted in the explosive growth of the expenses for software maintenance. After monthly cloud consumption in myQuiz, our own.NET application, jumped from $4,400 to $11,000, we faced the challenge of speeding up the deliv...
November 19, 2020

Code refactoring and extensive testing of CBN TV’s CRM system

WaveAccess redesigned a single integrated CRM system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CBN, an American TV network. Code refactoring and extensive testing ensured the correct operation of the system.
December 10, 2019

WaveAccess winning the annual Microsoft Partner Awards 2019

myQuiz – a platform for mass online quizzes powered by WaveAccess – was recognized as the winner in the Media&Communications category. The service has become a branded distribution channel for a new communication landscape.
June 11, 2019

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