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WaveAccess weekly seminar: discussion about TestLink system

Published April 22, 2014

Our QA team uses TestLink – a web tool for management and test cases execution. Here is why we selected this system.

Test management systems are dedicated to help development and QA teams to work toward delivering higher quality software. There are a lot of such systems on our service market and TestLink is the popular one.

On our weekly seminar on Thursdays we discussed about TestLink system – it is web tool for management and test cases execution which is used by our QA team.

So, why we selected TestLink? This system has a several benefit as compared with others:

  1. TestLink – web based Free and Open Source Software. It means that anyone is free licensed to use, to copy and change something in the code. The source is opened for people who want to improving, or fixing defects, or changing design in this application.
  2. Integration with various Bug tracking systems – allows tracking the quantity of existed defects on system, linking defects with test cases, creating new defects.
  3. Version Control System for test cases – allows updating test case to a newer version (if a test specification is changed) and compare the results of new and old versions of test cases.
  4. Control the testing process - it contains Events log and different kind of Reports and Charts. Event log shows the history of all changes. Reports and Charts permit analyze the current status of test case execution.

The most used feature in our company - is integration with Redmine. Almost all projects track their activity, defects, files, reports in the Bug tracker system Redmine. This integration shows the main problems and the quantity of “not closed” defects in each test-case and allows avoiding the duplicated defects in the system.

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