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CRM Gamification leaders’ board: when a game becomes a sport

Published May 29, 2013

A leaders’ board becomes a perfect solution to address the CRM adoption issue. It allows users to track their real-time progress and monitor their colleagues’ progress.

One of the most discussed topics on Convergence 2013 was the topic about low CRM user adoption. In this section we’d like to mention popular report by Scott Jeffer, Manager, CRM & Database Strategist at New York Yankees. Scott talked about the success of the introduction of CRM gamification product named Hero. Even in such an unexpected industry as sport is, CRM gamification has shown excellent results.

Speaking about the problems of implementing Hero, Scott noted that part of CRM users were disappointed when viewed their score in the game. They expected more from themselves and less from colleagues. In such a situation, a very good solution would be a leaders’ board, where users can track their real-time progress and monitor closest colleagues’ progress.

In WaveAccess CRM Gamification Tool leaders’ board is realized in the next way: it displays the user’s score, the closest player’s score and the gap in points between that player and the user. You can output the results as a histogram, or traditionally as a list, or combine them:

CRM Gamification Tool

The reviews of CRM Gamification Tool users show that leaders’ board is a good bet in the game and it is used very often by competitors.

You can install CRM Gamification Tool for free from our website http://www.wave-access.com/public_en/ms_crm_gamification_product.aspx

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