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Turn Microsoft CRM into a Game with our free Gamification tool

Published September 28, 2012

Gaming elements inserted into the working day is an effective solution to increase company’s productivity. Our Gamification plug-in allows you to turn boring CRM work into enjoyable task and fun.

Gaming elements inserted into the working day — it sounds like paradox, but it’s not a waste of time. On the contrary, it’s an effective solution to increase company’s productivity. Gamification becomes more and more popular among employers as way to motivate their employees. Everyone who uses it enjoys its novelty and clarity.

To transform Microsoft CRM into a game we developed the Gamification plug-in that allows you turning boring CRM work into enjoyable task and fun. Why should anyone really enjoy filling in the endless number of CRM fields? No one actually seems to enjoy this part of their job, meanwhile CRM systems need to be constantly and consistently updated in order to work effectively.

But if you turn boring routine into an achievement located inside a game, with point values for different CRM activities (such as adding a contact, updating telephone numbers and other contact info, and so on), your old CRM window will take on a new look and everything will change. Your administrator can set the points values for each CRM activity. You can decide which CRM actions you want to encourage (for example, making telephone calls) by assigning larger points values to them.

Every player has their own score in the game. Any time you can evaluate your actual position compared to other players. Players will earn gold and silver stars for reaching specified scores. By default there are five player levels:Novice, Advanced, Veteran, Expert, Master, Grandmaster. Gamification tool can, of course, be customized with player levels that better fits your requirements. You can also set the point levels needed to achieve each level. So it works out that the more an employee works and the better he does his job, the higher is his position on the company leader board.

The trend of gamifying CRM is constantly growing. The number of employees and companies using game-like CRM grows every day. Gamifying CRM becomes a new type of company sport. But, readymade solutions to implement game elements in CRM are, at the moment, not numerous. Gamification is very easy to install. It’s in fact more like a plug-in. Along with all its other advantages, Gamification is offered absolutely free.

You can download GameSolution for free from our official site: http://www.wave-access.com/public_en/ms_crm_gamification_product.aspx

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