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SalesCentric Relationship Charts and Custom Views are back

Dear partners, CRM-integrators and vendors worldwide.

After a period of difficulties SalesCentric Relationship Charts product is back on track and picking up speed. It has been acquired by WaveAccess - the company that originally developed Relationship Charts and Custom Views for SalesCentric and assisted SalesCentric in providing support services.

What is SalesCentric Relationship Charts Product about?
Relationship Charts is used to visualize relationships between all objects in MS CRM. And indeed, it can be used for almost anything – e.g. it will help sales people identify the key decision-makers. Moreover Relationship Charts will bring value to CRM users from any industry, as an example – this construction industry case.

What is in these products for you?
We continue to offer Relationship Charts and Custom Views to increase your MS CRM value proposition with a tool to visually present and build complex relationships in MS CRM. Not only does this tool facilitate the CRM usage, but it also adds better visibility to the CRM data that is so important for top management that makes decision on buying CRM itself. Custom Views allows you to build multi-filtered views with edit in line capability in WYSIWYG designer.

We also provide trainings and support sessions to those who use Relationship Charts and Custom Views.

Do you have your suggestions on how to improve SalesCentric Relationship Charts?
Would you also be interested in Relationship Charts as a CRM customization modeler?
Why can you build Entity Relationship Diagrams in MS SQL Server, but cannot do it in MS CRM? Would it be a great functionality to develop? If so – take a look at the initial product mockup and let's discuss the product concept in more details.

For more information on Relationship Charts, Custom Views or any of our services please call us on +44 (0) 203 286 8842 (UK), +1 949 682 3997 (US) or email at, visit and talk to us via live chat.

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