Our solution is shipped with out-of-the-box charts and dashboards that display how many points are earned for main operations (such as creating/updating accounts, opportunities, activities and so on) by users, teams or by entire organization. So, after you install Gamification Tool and it starts measuring the results, you will be able to see Gamification in action.
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  • Increase users adoption in MS CRM
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How to have fun working with CRM Gamification Tool What are the features?

A user gets points for each “create” or “update” operation in CRM (create a lead – get points, complete a task – get points and so on) that are immediately displayed in a special balloon in the browser window.
  • Gamification for Microsoft CRM
  • Microsoft CRM tool for gamification
There is a special leaders’ board where the top 5 players are listed. This leaders’ board also displays the user’s score. It also displays the closest player and the gap in points between that player and the user. With the ability to create events and configure them; you can create dashboards for special event; edit the list of participants and the list of entity fields for which points are added.
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Earned points bring users respect and special titles. They can progress from novices to grand masters. The titles are depicted on the leaders’ board in front of the users’ names.
A customizable set-up allows you to control ways to encourage and reward (For example if your sales team isn't making enough phone calls you can assign a high point value to making phone calls).
Easiest to setup in all microsoft crm tools
You can pick and choose the 'players' – for example, just the highly competitive sales team members can be in the game, and you can leave the rest out!
Track results of the competing teams and users in real time using a special comparison form. You can also filter results by the type of activity, selected period or filtered by event and output them as a histogram, or traditionally as a list, or combine them.
  • Track your performance in microsoft dynamics crm
  • Track your performance in microsoft crm
The Gamification Tool can be personalized with your corporate branding. Add your company logo, or style your Gamification with a corporate identity by creating unique design elements.
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TV-broadcasting functionality provides tracking results of the competing teams and users in real time on the TV screen. The big screen displays three pages which endlessly follow each other and show information about a prize and the top 10 players and leaders’ board.
  • TV-broadcasting
  • TV-broadcasting
  • TV-broadcasting

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