MS CRM custom Development & Customization

Working under white label we have built software that thousands of people use worldwide

We help IT companies to focus on their customers leaving the development tasks to WaveAccess.

WaveAccess offers for

Marketing department Sales department Head of CRM Practice Project managers

Need CRM seniors?

Faced a difficult task to do a large and interesting project, but your team is understaffed? Not enough CRM senior developers? Areas that you have never worked on? Integration tasks with risks ? And besides the data integration task is also opened, and potentially you need to check whether the system is stable?

Our proposals:

    • 1.A team or separate CRM developers with experience in large CRM projects that will be able to:
      • Customize CRM, create entities, configure forms, implement the required business logic by means of JavaScript (Ajax, JQuery) and Silverlight, working with REST и SOAP API;
      • Create workflows;
      • Develop custom activities;
      • Implement business logic on the server using CRM plug-ins ;
      • Build reports;
      • Divide projects into individual CRM solutions taking into account the dependencies;
      • Transform logic of CRM solution from ASP.NET application to a combination of WebResources and plug-ins to work with CRM Online.
    • 2.Data migration (with the help of scribe or our own software - Entity Processor that allows to write migration scripts and add external libraries on C#);
    • 3.Stress testing with the help of tools based on Microsoft CRM Performance Toolkit and our own software - Entity Processor;
    • 4.Integration of 3d party solutions with Microsoft CRM solutions (bulk e-mail services, financial services and so on);
    • 5.iPhone и Windows Phone Mobile application development and their integration with Microsoft CRM.

And also:

  • English localization;
  • Establish partnership with c360, one of the most well-known CRM companies leading by a successful Microsoft Dynamics management team.

The most well-known solutions:

1. Development and implementation of vertical solution CRM4Legal
for legal companies (2011 Microsoft Dynamics Professional Services Partner of the Year Award);

2. Development and maintenance of Sales Centric Relationship Charts since 2006 (Microsoft CRM add-on to visualize relationships between any business objects with any connection roles). Relationship Charts has been acquired by C360 in 2012;

3. Development of the following products integrated with MS CRM: e-commerce module for Microsoft CRM, callcenter (Microsoft CRM and Asterisk integrated), live chat application;

4. Rewriting after Indian developers, support and development of new solutions for Microsoft CRM for C360.

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