Quality Assurance

Success is always followed by testing

To help our clients to have an actual understanding of current progress and specification equivalence we provide an external testing team for independent results as a part of development projects and as a separate service. Code inspection by experienced developers gives a picture of impending problems, security issues and correctness of technology consumption. Performance and stress testing shows a speed and stability of application by different parameters and how the application matches target metrics of scalability. Automatics reducing human resource usage in periodical quality assurance process, it is a very effective approach if customer has generic system with a lot of screens.

This service is urgently needed when:

there are user complaints on the quality of the software;

issues with application performance;

releases delayed due to the large number of errors.

How WaveAccess can help:

independent testing of your application by experienced testers team to determine the quality of software;

revise the code by experienced developers to find hidden threats and "bottlenecks" of performance;

create test plans and ensure their regular tactics for reducing the risk of defects.

This service includes:

  • Black and White box testing.
  • Performance, scalability and stress testing.
  • Configuration testing.
  • Security testing.
  • Automatic and module tests implementation.
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