Automated Load Testing

Performance problem is one of the most important problems in application development. Application might have a bright interface and might work without any errors, but if the system stops working or it takes too long to load the page when the application is loading, then obviously users will not be happy with such a behavior.

We provide the following quality assurance services for website load testing:

Load Testing

Our QA specialists will measure the performance of the system with normal loading during short and long periods of time.

Stress Testing

Our specialists will measure the performance and stability of the system. It involves testing beyond normal operational capacity to determine breaking points.

Performance Testing

Response time is the main attribute of every web application. Performance problem might be invisible if it is investigated in a wrong way. Our specialists will measure the response time of the application on Front-End and Back-End levels, thus provide website load testing.

Technologies and products:

  • Selenium
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Test
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • JMeter
  • NUnit и JUnit
  • TestComplete
  • HTTPWatch
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