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The application developers at WaveAccess do more than create applications: they optimize the way you run your business. Look up, how we have created custom online solution for the business process configuration and automatization , that has been deployed to Rolls Royce, Honey Well and other known companies.

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The application developers at WaveAccess plan and create customized mission-critical applications that are unique to your business. Our team invests extensive time and effort to assess your current business needs to create an application that can be seamlessly integrated into your current workflow, greatly reducing the downtime associated with training.

Because our applications are suited to the exclusive needs of each individual client, no two applications are identical. Your business deserves a custom application, and our application developers are business-oriented professionals who are committed to fulfilling your specific requirements.

Why Does Your Business Need a Custom Application?

Much of the off-the-shelf software is built for the masses and sometimes it just isn’t enough. You need yours custom, special application, because you have unique requirements and goals.

Let our application developers use their industry knowledge to deliver applications that match your requirements and specific business goals. Your business deserves an application that not only integrates itself seamlessly, but also makes operating your business infinitely more efficient.

Your Team is Ready – Are You Ready for Your Team?

The application developers at WaveAccess don’t see you as just a client; we see ourselves as an extension of your business team. Why would you waste your time hiring, training, and supporting an in-house application development department, when you can have instant access to our passionate and experienced business applications development team?

We have access to global resources, and we have helped international clients from our base in Eastern Europe. We are proud to offer the most competitive price-to-performance ratio in our industry. Our application developers are highly skilled, business-centered, and committed to exceeding your expectations.

We are ready to learn how to make your business run better. The question, then, is: are you ready to learn about what we can create for your business? Let's talk about

Technologies & platforms:

WaveAccess application development technologies
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Why Partner with WaveAccess for Your Business Application Development?

We can answer that in three words: Experience. Passion. Expertise.
WaveAccess offers you an on-demand team of application development professionals who are trained to learn about the way you do business so that we can create software that will overlay and complement you.

  • Reliable contact personnel
    are always available

  • Enjoy real-time communication via Skype
    and virtual screen sharing

  • No hidden costs –
    Transparent project management

  • Risks sharing

  • Team strong motivation

  • Focus on creating long-term value and relationships

Industries & verticals

  • Telecom
  • Legal
  • Software & IT services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Financial
  • Others
  • Government
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Travel

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From concept to reality we build unique stable business applications that solve a set of business-critical tasks, and integrate them with enterprise business processes. As an example, for a large airticket reseller we built an innovative ticket sales website integrated with call center & sales support system.

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Innovative marketplace development
(.NET project)

Over 14 years of our total experience we have accomplished a lot of projects implemented via different technologies for various business sectors. Bubbles is the one of our .NET projects that demonstrate our skills in delivering the cool user interface as well as unique custom features. Look, how we have built the fastest growing online shop & marketplace in the UK.

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PM Solution

for Electronic Brake Systems Development (Java project)

The Electronic Brake Systems Development Process Management system has been developed for one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic and hydraulic brake systems. The system helps engineers to organize work with a considerable number of objects such as vehicles, axles, brakes components, test specifications, testing results into projects.

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