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High Performance. Provided

Optimization improves the efficiency of your business processes. By reducing the average execution times, it allows allows you to increase the competitiveness of your product and business. With our vast technological profile we can improve the performance of application on almost any platform: .Net, Java, C++, PHP, Silverlight, Flex etc; Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite etc. Our computing experience allows us to enhance applications with multi-core computing, clustering and GPU (Cuda, OpenCL) acceleration.

If you have faced:

poor software performance and scalability;

large intensive calculations;

users demotivation because of slow application performance;

high-load SQL statements;

necessity in GPU acceleration via CUDA and OpenCL.

WaveAccess delivers efficient solutions:

review the code to find hidden threats and performance bottlenecks;

provide experienced developers to optimize SQL queries and data access layer;

provide skilled analysts and architects to create complex technical solutions;

provide experienced developers for CUDA prototypes and projects.

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