TranSMART Development

Evolve your genetic analysis with the power of TranSMART platform!

Today there is no single turn-key standart solution that allows scientists to investigate correlations between genetic and phenotypic data. Actually, there is no such solution in clinical genomics at all. High complexity and great volume of data make this field very difficult for software developers.

TranSMART is a great open source platform that meets scientists needs. However, in order to use it efficiently, a company needs deep expertise in life sciences software development.

WaveAccess has substantial expertise in TranSMART development and helps companies to

  • 1. Implement custom module
    Bespoke module implementation allows to migrate existing business processes to the TranSMART platform, conduct specialized calculations and generate graphs.
  • 2. Integrate external datasource
    Working with large amounts of data often requires data export or import from an external source. Integrating TranSMART platform with external datasources allows to transfer:
    • clinical data
    • expression data
    • SNP data
    • and others.
  • 3. Implement R workflow
    Our experts implement bespoke R workflow to increase efficiency of processes.
  • 4. Tune performance
    Scientists working with large amounts of data, face intensive calculations running for hours. Performance tuning allows to finish calculations in minutes, not hours and to increase effectiveness of hardware.
  • 5. Customize existing functionality
    TranSMART as an open source system allows to customize specific aspects of the system to meet business needs and improve performance.

Why to engage WaveAccess

  • WaveAccess has grown its own tranSMART development team;
  • Working with WaveAccess, you always have enough resources to start tranSMART project or keep it running;
  • WaveAccess has deep expertise in specific technologies needed for tranSMART development;
  • WaveAccess is an active member of TranSMART Developer Workshops.
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