Machine learning

We develop and implement machine learning modules into information systems to provide practical solutions to common business problems

Information systems typically use statistical mathematical models based on assumptions.
Machine learning algorithms are based on dynamic mathematical models. They apply the same model multiple times to constantly changing input data and adapt it. Therefore, calculations are based on the most up-to-date data – which means that initial goals are reached more efficiently.

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The most common problems solved
by machine learning algorithms:

Trend and event forecasting

Machine learning algorithms predict the likelihood of an event occurring or the direction in which a trend will develop — for example, predicting the potential of a client or the probability of a sale.
Machine learning algorithms give insurance companies the ability to find patients whose future medical expenses are likely to exceed a set limit. This gives them the time to recommend that the patient take preventative measures, like having additional tests done.

Object recognition and classification

Machine learning algorithms are capable of detecting and determining the type of objects depicted in a large number of pictures — for example, detecting tumors on X-rays.


A recommendation system that uses available user information to pick the most relevant products (services, movies, music tracks, etc.). Recommendations are based on user's viewing history, gender, and interests, including choices of people with similar characteristics.
We created a recommendation system based on machine learning algorithms for the Jisp project (web platform + mobile app + browser extensions).

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Partnership models within
the machine learning domain:

Development of an information system using machine learning

Development and implementation of a machine learning module into an existing information system

Development of machine learning algorithms as part of a globally distributed team


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