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Video streaming with Azure and .NET

Jisp project, developed by WaveAccess, has a feature for the uploading and streaming of videos. Video streaming is a common task, but  in our case it it has some tricky parts, such as preprocessing and maintaining the streaming quality and format. Along with that, the video also must be played properly on all popular platforms, namely Android, iOS and web desktop. We have found a way to make it all work — read further for the solution.


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FHIR STARTER Conference: all you need to know about FHIR international standard

We are proud to announce FHIR STARTER, the first interactive conference and connectathon dedicated to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard. Healthcare IT’s biggest names and FHIR founders will share their experience on June 25 and 26, 2018, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The conference is hosted by Health Samurai Inc., and sponsored by WaveAccess.

FHIR_Starter_conference _Russia

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WaveAccess developed machine learning based module to detect users’ fraudulent activity

WaveAccess developed an anti-fraud system that protects telecommunication companies from fraud attacks. The solution is based on machine learning and fuzzy logic algorithms. The security module was "taught" to recognize suspicious actions as threats even if hundreds of thousands of users are logging in at the same time.

 WaveAccess_anti-fraud system based on machine learning algorithms

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How to resolve some Salesforce issues (Winter ‘18 release)

Like any large system, some strange features and issues may occur in Salesforce. In this article, we'll consider some of them along with solutions found by our Salesforce development team:

  1. Difference between operating Lightning and Classic interfaces. Buttons, Links and Actions defined on the Layout page are not displayed in the Lightning interface;
  2. An issue with connection to Salesforce using SOAP API WSDL file from a .NET project;
  3. Visualforce page cannot perform the action on the controller after clicking the button linked to this action, if the page has unfilled required fields.


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WaveAccess has been audited for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013

WaveAccess successfully underwent the audit for compliance of its information security management system (ISMS) with the requirements of the international ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. According to the audit, the WaveAccess ISMS meets the standard’s key principles: it preserves confidentiality, integrity and availability of the company’s information assets, and data of its customers and partners.

Information security_WaveAccess

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Hibernate/GORM: the ultimate solution for the N+1 Problem

Many developers who work with Hibernate or any other ORM framework eventually run into the so-called N+1 problem.

Our team faced with it when we were working on a project using Grails (a popular web framework for Groovy). For ORM, Grails uses a GORM "under the hood" that contains the same old Hibernate. In case you haven't encountered this problem yet, let’s give you the gist of it.

Blogpost _cover _eng

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Why are companies shelling out millions for this new blockchain technology?

The UN is goingto use Ethereum cryptocurrency to help Pakistani people. South Korea will spend more than $2.65 million on a new blockchain project. Other countries are not far behind:  dozens of blockchain startups are emerging in Europe and America; Singapore and China are competing for leadership in this area.

More and more organizations are ready to invest in this new, but expensive technology. Let's take a look at what blockchain-based projects are already possible, and why businesses are spending so much of their money implementing them?

Blog Img 01

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