Science Intensive Software Development

At WaveAccess, we implement custom software that drives scientific research & development processes.

Our in-house team is made up of engineers with advanced degrees in all relevant fields (e.g. computer science, computational physics, materials science, genetics.) This enables us to maintain lasting partnerships with science-intensive companies, such as Thomson Reuters.

Check out a new case about creating a development team to provide for a resources capacity due to implementation peaks and the many pre-sales tasks.

One of our recent projects has been the creation of a system used to process massive amounts of data through the implementation of peaks and a dedication to pre-sales tasks. Read about this case by clicking on the link below:

Download the Case now

Any scientific research company worth their salt has either begun, or will soon begin, the process of re-engineering in order to streamline operations and increase efficiency. New information systems lay at the heart of these efforts.

Information system development is an opportunity to restructure out-dated work methods by creating new, more efficient, processes between employees, their software and their professional operating tasks. The knowledge that is necessary for redesigning traditional work practices cannot be acquired by means of consultations, interviews, observations or other forms of analysis. Instead, it must be constructed in a process involving all parties interested in system development.

So, it is essential that the information system is built by a team that includes the scientists who will be using it and developers capable of speaking the same language with them.

Our Offerings for Science Intensive Verticals


New knowledge in science and engineering increasingly relies on results produced by scientific software.

Here at WaveAccess, we design and build high-performance scientific applications for the web, mobile and desktop systems that are capable of solving the most complex tasks.

Platforms we build scientific software for:

  •   Web
  •   Database
  •   Desktop
  •   Mobile

We can begin our work during the planning and development phases, as well as in the development process, if there are problems regarding insufficient resources or issues with your current contractor which call for an urgent recovery of the project.

Scientific companies are built on data.

So we take a full range of steps to protect that data during the development process by:

  • providing information security
  • signing strict NDAs if necessary

See our work in action through these real world examples:

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  • “We have been working with WaveAccess for over 2 years on projects relating to the development of software and searches for scientific applications. We are very impressed with how quickly the professionals at WaveAccess understand the requirements. They use cases suited to scientists and realized them in the software in the best way possible. Troubleshooting was never a problem – WaveAccess colleagues responded quickly by taking good immediate care regarding any hiccups that are unavoidable in the software development process. The WaveAccess team is very professional and reliable, especially with engagements involving several companies. They have a core unit of highly-skilled software engineers and also a flexible pool of freelance contractors if the project needs some unique expertise not represented in the core team. The core team’s combined skill set covers all popular software development languages and frameworks. I would recommend WaveAccess for any of your software development needs.”

    Svetlana Bureeva

    Director, Professional Services, IP & Science  waveaccess client thomson reuters
  • “I have worked with Wave Access for over 10 years now via several companies and they have always delivered what I want on time and on budget. We have worked together on web projects, integration, data loading, building de novo platforms, supporting and further developing legacy code, documentation and mobile apps. I am happy with their work products”

    Julie Bryant

    CEO, Rancho BioSciences
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