Automated Functional Testing

Automated functionality testing is the most intensive and complicated kind of testing. But if tests are created correctly it will help to increase the quality of application and reduce total time of application development.

Our employees have extensive knowledge and practical experience in creating automated functional tests, using different libraries and testing tools.

Automated Functional Testing is performed in accordance with Test-Cases, created by our employees.

We provide the following quality assurance services:

Complete functionality testing of the software

Our specialists will choose a testing tool that can meet the client’s requirements in a better way. We will create a Test-Plan and Test-Cases, that will cover all necessary application functionality. After documents preparation our QA engineers will start functionality testing. After completing the functionality testing, we will provide a customer with analysis of results, infographics, and other information.

Regression testing

After correction and updating of the testable system, we will test the software over again (we will perform repeated functionality testing).

We also propose functional and regression testing on a modal (component) level. Application will be split into independent modules (components), which can be tested separately. This process gives additional benefits and can reduce total testing time. You can supervise results during working process.

Our specialists will check connections between modules of your application (integration testing) and check interactions of these modules with other different parts of the system.

Technologies and products:

  • Selenium
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Test
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • NUnit и JUnit
  • TestComplete
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