Migration from CRM 4/11 on-premise to Microsoft CRM 2013 online

WaveAccess team experienced in numerous migrations from CRM 4/2011 on-premise to CRM 2013 online helps IT companies to move their customers’ CRM customization and CRM data to cloud.

Migration from Microsoft CRM 4.0/Microsoft CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 is done in stages with clear deliverables after each stage:

  • 1.validation of CRM customization including JavaScript forms, plugins & custom activities code;
  • 2.recreation of customer CRM in a test environment;
  • 3.customization migration to Microsoft CRM 2013 without any data;
  • 4.data migration using proprietary tool based on custom script engine and Microsoft .NET cutting edge platform technology advancements;
  • 5.running data comparison reports between Microsoft CRM on-premise and Microsoft CRM online to make sure that everything was migrated as required;
  • 6.manual testing of the migrated system.

In case of you tried using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Instance Adapter and it migrated some of your data but not all of them we are ready to jump and migrate the rest data using our own tool.

Why to engage WaveAccess?

  • migration learning curve is steep enough;
  • not each migration can be accomplished by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 INSTANCE ADAPTER;
  • Scribe is powerful but costs money and its configuration takes time;
  • WaveAccess team is trained and armed with tools to get things done;
  • WaveAccess shares revenues as we will be your "Virtual Partner";
  • WaveAccess updates Microsoft CRM 4/ 2011 on-premise to Microsoft CRM 2013 online for companies world wide and has a unique expertise in such migration and in Microsoft CRM training.
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