Telephony Integration

Manage your communication directly on the computer

Telephony Integration with other systems is not only a new trend, but an effective solution. Any business application will be incomplete if it does not include a communication tool to increase productivity and profitability. Integration of current
platforms / applications with Asterisk (or other telephony software solutions) optimizes business processes, reduces costs and gains a number of competitive advantages for a successful development.

If you have faced with tasks:

to optimize call center performance;

to process incoming calls automatically;

to collect data from customers automatically;

to sort and unite business information into groups on specific criteria;

to use the data from both systems to build analytical report;

WaveAccess delivers optimal solutions:

integrate phone system with business applications of the company;

create a new application with the phone system integration;

optimize the existing integration system to improve business processes;

build personal reporting system for optimization of business processes.

Our advantage : experience in development of our own product and project implementation that required integration of telephony software solutions with business applications.

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