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Native and multiplatform

We create native mobile applications for all popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

If you need to quickly develop an application that will work reliably on all devices, then cross-platform applications are a great option. We develop cross-platform apps with PhoneGap, Xamarin or Cordova.


Standalone and integrated

In order to create a successful app, you need a well thought-out architecture, a professional looking UI, and an attractive design. On top of that, your app must be stable and fast. However, truly popular apps are the ones that deliver tangible value to users, the ones that they benefit from. Creating such value for the user may require a complex technical back-end, often involving integration with an information system, for instance:

  • Website

  • CRM

  • Online store

  • Reporting or document exchange system.

The WaveAccess team can not only create a high-quality app, but also build a complex ecosystem around it (or integrate it into an existing customer’s infrastructure). This helps increase the efficiency of the app, consequently increasing its value for the user, and therefore its overall chance of success.

We build what others don't dare to

Integrated Sophisticated

The official mobile app of Russian Post

Since its release in May 2015, the Russian Post app for Windows Phone has made it to the "Top Free" category and scored 4.6 points based on 7000+ reviews. The app was developed by WaveAccess in close cooperation with Microsoft.

Key features:

  • Mail tracking

  • Location of nearest Russian Post offices

  • Feedback submission

  • Mail delivery

Innovative IoT iBeacon E-commerce

Jisp — a revolution on the British e-commerce market

A personal shopper that merged online and offline shopping for the first time in history. Currently working in the UK only, it offers the following functionality:

  • tracking offline shopping activities

  • online shopping monitoring

  • aggregation of items viewed by the user, discounts, and special offers into a single convenient system

  • a proprietary payment system called JispPay

  • deeply personalized ads, display of highly targeted ads for relevant product categories from nearby stores

The release of the extended version of the app is scheduled for Fall 2016. The platform is currently signing agreements with major stores and malls in the UK for installing JispPay payment terminals and Jisp beacons based on the iBeacon technology.

Trendy Fast growing


A cross-platform app for the clients of a large U.S. telecom operator providing telephone and fax messaging services. The app provides customers with fast and convenient access to the company's services regardless of their location.

Key features:

  • Cloud access for FreedomVoice users for voice mail and virtual faxes

  • Remote access to voice and fax messages from any location with an Internet connection

  • Possibility to receive and make calls from the app via an ID number - up to 3 concurrent calls supported

  • Easy access to contacts

  • High call quality


A mobile app for monitoring skin neoformations and early detection of oncological threats.

Key features:

  • Possibility to photograph neoformations

  • Easy detection of moles

  • Notification about the need to take new photos of neoformations

  • Video guides about melanoma and skin cancer

The app is being constantly improved based on users' feedback and has a high rating on Google Play.

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Applications that we develop

Corporate apps: for companies both private and public.

We create mobile apps that efficiently solve the business goals of large corporations.

Russian Post
Agriculture Ministry

Monitoring systems

We create apps that help track and analyze processes in real time, both for companies and regular users.

Sky Energy

Medical apps: for patients and clinics

The WaveAccess team consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in developing software solutions for healthcare.

Hospital App


We develop robust mobile e-commerce solutions that allow users to search and buy products on their mobile devices and serve as a highly customizable channel for communicating with each customer.

Mobile Voucher

Business apps

Universal apps for optimizing business processes in offices and educational institutions.

Exam app


Games (including educational), gamification of business processes.

Aero Battle Manager
Weapon System Operator
Air traffic control

Apps for events

We create official mobile apps for exhibitions and large events that provide visitors and participants with complete information about these events (list of exhibitors and their products, floor plans, agendas, etc.). Such applications may also have extra features: search for industry-related business problems matched with demonstrated products solving them; possibility to organize a quiz and so on.

Event Quiz Game
Recruitment Expo


Mobile solutions for telecoms offering their clients access to cloud-based services.


Sports and Entertainment

Interactive apps that complement sports and entertainment events.


Industries & Verticals

  • Telecom
  • Legal
  • Software & IT services
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Financial
  • Others
  • Government
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Travel

How the process works

Business analysis of the target market Creation of a functional specification Design and prototyping

Development and technology implementation Application testing

Pre-release version

Publishing in application stores Support and promotion
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