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A website is a storefront for customers to search out information about a company, it’s truly window shopping. Obviously, sales would increase if a salesperson were in the store to answer questions, offer suggestions and assist the customer. With WaveAccess ChatOnline, your website can have a salesperson manning the store. A tool to allow you to communicate with your website visitors while they’re still on your website!

Using WaveAccess ChatOnline will increase your sales from your installation day forward!

Most Websites never realize their sales potential

Website visitors are looking for information. If they can’t find what they want in a short time, they leave. Website navigation is important, just like aisles are critical in a department store, but can you imagine a department store with no salespeople? Give your customers the information they want when they want it. Hope is not a strategy, so stop hoping they get the right information from your website documentation, request an e-mail, or fills out a please contact me form. With WaveAccess ChatOnline, your customers can get the answers and you can get the sale, right now!

People come to the site, quietly browse it – and then they leave! Without even asking additional questions by the phone or by e-mail!

ChatOnline – salesperson for your site!

Now – what changes if the store hires a salesperson?

Everyone who comes in is tended to by the salesperson. Even if you have higher prices than your competitors – even in this case – you have good chance to sell your goods to the customer. Sales people with even ordinary selling skills – kicks the sales up. Assuming this is a good salesperson – the sales may double, triple etc.

We created an online salesperson tool for your site. Most sites have a huge void, no sales people! And that’s why they don’t sell as much as they could.

How does it work? Someone comes to your site. After he/she spends some time browsing – the window with the chat is popped up:

Greeting window of the chat

The visitor answers your leading question and in the same instance another chat window is popped up on the store side – where your live salesperson can see that new customer wants to talk. After that your salesperson is chatting with the visitor and following whatever selling strategy you use.

If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM then new leads will be saved immediately in your CRM in conjunction with the conversations had between visitors and your people. For existing leads and contacts the conversation will be saved as Notes.

Window of the chat

You can take the contact information and then use direct marketing to reach them. Or you can propose to continue discussion on the phone. You have a variety of choices because you’re already talking to a potential customer.

ChatOnline work scheme

Revolution in Internet Sales

You may say: “Ok, I already put my phone number and my e-mail on my site – isn’t it enough?” No, it’s not. People visiting sites usually do not call. They browsed the site – and then they go to a site of your competitors. Putting phone number and e-mail on the site, you assume that visitor will initiate the conversation. Seldom does the customer make the first call. But you can initiate it yourself!

You may invest in copywriting services in order to create selling texts and images on your site. But it will still have lower success rates than live conversation with a live salesperson.

And, by the way, how many people can the salesperson talk on the phone simultaneously? One, right? With WaveAccess ChatOnline, the salesperson can chat with 10 people at the same time. Now that’s efficient?!!

This is a real Revolution in Internet Sales.

You can have it instantly!

If you decided to significantly increase your sales right now with adding this service to your site – this will cost $249 for the first 5 salespersons plus $99 for every additional 5 salespersons who will use it.

We take care of everything: training and installation. Worried about time, we’ll have you up and running and trained in two days. That means that you can start using WaveAccess ChatOnline service almost immediately.

We provide three-month warranty on our tool – that means full support and delivering patches once they’re released. After this period the support will cost you only $30 per month per 5 salespersons.

How much can you increase your sales by using WaveAccess ChatOnline

Assume you have 100 visitors on your site every day. And you sell something that costs $1,000 average (for instance, travel certificates). Everyday you have 3 calls from your site visitors to your office and one of them buys.

Assume your net income is 10% – that means you get $100 of net income every day or $3,000 monthly.

Now you install ChatOnline. It costs you $249. You ask your assistant who sits on the phone to be responsible for the chatting too, the assistant becomes a salesperson.

Now you manage to talk to 10 visitors of your site every day. And you start selling 2 additional certificates daily. This means $200 of increased daily net income or an additional $6,000 net income monthly.

You get an additional $6,000 monthly for a one time investment of $249!

This can be used on any site in any industry

The good thing with ChatOnline is: it can be used everywhere.

Really, it can be applied to any industry – travel agencies, Internet shops, consulting, realty, construction – everywhere!

It can be used with any number of visitors on the site. If there are few of them – you’ll be able to contact almost every visitor on your site directly. If there are a lot of the visitors – you’ll be able to talk to 10+ people simultaneously – you’ll still directly contact huge number of customers.

This is amazing! Independent of what industry you are in, independent of visitors’ rate on you site, WaveAccess ChatOnline will be significantly increasing your sales.

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