• Before
  • Desktop version displays
    on mobile browser
  • Website loads slowly on mobile devices
  • Website elements are a cluttered nightmare
  • After
  • Mobile site is accessible and usable cross-platform on all HTML5 compatible devices
  • All website elements display correctly on mobile
  • Standard site version loads faster on mobile devices
  • UX enhanced with improved 
    touch-screen design

Mobile Website Development

Improve your customer's mobile experience, improve your business 

WaveAccess Mobile Website Developers: Efficiency On-the-Go

The mobile web is the future, and there are too many websites that function well on desktop, but function poorly in a browser on a mobile device. The modern customer turns to their Smartphone for most of their needs - locating a nearby restaurant, finding the highest rated coffee shops, paying bills, or learning more information about your business.

Is your business website usable on a mobile device?

WaveAccess Will Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

Not only does a mobile website greatly improve the aesthetics of your online presence; you also help bolster your business’s mobile outreach strategy. A mobile website can meet your marketing, PR, communication, and social needs for your business. Improve your competitive edge by making your business fully accessible to your mobile audience. WaveAccess offers you the most cost-effective way to reach your customers anytime and anywhere.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

When the mobile website developers at WaveAccess create the mobile version of your website, they are not creating it exclusively for Android or iOS. Their mobile websites are accessible on any mobile operating system and usable on any device.

Furthermore, WaveAccess developers will help your mobile websites to be easily integrated within native mobile technologies such as SMS, QR Codes and near field communication (NFC).

  • Tap2OptionsEnjoy mobile-specific communication features like Tap2Call, Tap2Email and Tap2SMS.

  • Mobile APIsTake advantage of the anytime/anywhere capabilities of mobile, including geolocation.

  • WaveAccess mobile development video optimization

    Video IntegrationIntegrate Youtube, Vimeo, or even your own videos into your mobile website.

  • WaveAccess mobile development image optimizing

    Image OptimizingMake image viewing easier with high-resolution galleries, image sliders, and other features, designed to load quickly on mobile.

  • WaveAccess mobile development social log in

    Social Network Integration Integrate tools to keep you connected to your target audiences via social media.

  • WaveAccess mobile development video optimization

    Feature You LikeThe mobile web is always changing. If you see something you like on another mobile site, let your WaveAccess representative know so that we can implement it on your own site.

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