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MS CRM 2011 Rollup 12 issues

Last week our CRM Online Organization was updated with Rollup 12. Below we listed changes in MS CRM that affected us:

1.       As it was promised by Microsoft, there is no crmForm object anymore.

2.       The pages are loading not in IE8 mode, but in IE9, 10.
First, IE9 javascript has multi – browser format and some objects are slightly modified. For example, there is no lastIndex property in the result of  string.match () method. Then it may affect the layout of the page.

3.       Forms layout has been changed. Before that the controls were located like this 

, and now a new div

has been added

 4.       window.showModalDialog ('/ _controls / lookup / lookupinfo.aspx? ...) returned the objects before and now it returns the string in JSON format.

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