Leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013! WaveAccess CRM team will upgrade your Microsoft CRM to the latest version and migrate your CRM customization from CRM 4/2011 to CRM 2013.

WaveAccess team has a unique expertise in multiple migrations from Microsoft CRM 4/2011 on-premise installations to Microsoft CRM 2013 online and helps companies worldwide move their CRM customization and CRM data to the cloud.

WaveAccess, a trusted offshore software development & outsourcing firm, assumes a dedicated team of developers who work full-time for your project, but are located at our site. You get complete control over the involved human and technical resources.

WaveAccess application development services help our clients to obtain human resources on demand (including web developers); to process extra incoming requests; and reinforce development team with a particular skill set.

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Asterisk & Elastix & Dynamics CRM integration

PBX system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Route and track calls with this tight integration.


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Asrerisk and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, elastix and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, PBX system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
CRM Gamification Tool, CRM user adoption, increase, create opportunity, total score
CRM Gamification Tool, CRM user adoption, increase, dashboard, track results, filter results,  histogram
CRM Gamification Tool, CRM user adoption, increase, leaders’ board,

CRM Gamification Tool

Turn Microsoft CRM usage into a Game with CRM Gamification tool and get your CRM adoption increased!


WaveAccess - offshore software development company that provides software development outsourcing services, integrates diverse IT systems or re-designs existing applications and customizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM for companies all over the world. We help our partners improve their competitiveness and increase IT efficiency by outsourcing software development. WaveAccess has been working with MS CRM from the very beginning, so we know it inside out. And we even have our own Microsoft CRM products like CRM Gamification tool that can measure and increase MS CRM user adoption by turning boring duties into a game. CRM Gamification tool can be installed on several platforms: Microsoft CRM 2011/Microsoft CRM 2013 online/on premise.

Being experts in working with Microsoft CRM for more than 7 years, we can improve business processes in your organization by helping with upgrade customization from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013. You can rely on us: just outsource CRM upgrade to us and you will get new powerful Microsoft CRM! WaveAccess also offers a wide range of software development outsourcing services: whether you need to outsource software development for the creation of effective and productive application or to upgrade Microsoft CRM from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013, we will help you. Offshore software outsourcing it’s first of all a partnership, designed to provide a project with the best solutions and to deliver it in time and within the budget. So, we do our best to ensure our clients the qualitative application development outsourcing services.

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